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We are so excited to announce the launch of our Virtual Voucher online store. Our team has been working hard behind the scenes to set your business up for success while the lockdown was in full effect.

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Taking your small business online means putting your business in the game. And playing to win means taking a strategic approach to building a web presence and growing your sales.

Why go online and sell Virtual Vouchers?

  • Allow your local and loyal customers the opportunity to support you during this crisis
  • Generate much-needed cash flow

  • Increase sales

  •  Increase your brand awareness

  • Ensure your voucher system is safe and secure

Start Virtual Vouchers online

Here's How it works

Complete the simple form, accept the T&C's and press Submit. Sureswipe will activate your business on the Virtual Voucher website.

Consumers can then buy a Virtual Voucher or donate to their favourite local Business and complete their payment online.

Sureswipe will settle the Vouchers purchased into your account on a weekly basis, less the transaction fees.

Virtual Vouchers will be activated for redemption once lockdown has been officially lifted.



Innervation Payments

Innervation is a leading Payments, Customer Engagement, Issuing, and Value-Added Services business that provides services which enable our clients to enhance their customer experiences, increase customer loyalty and convenience, retain customers and maximise profits.

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Humble POS Solutions

We enable the growth of the SME sector by aligning ourselves to key role players in the market that provide the tools and solutions needed to address the shortfalls experienced by business owners. By offering a complete cloud based Next Gen Point of Sale, integrated payments, e-commerce and loyalty platform we can ensure the success of the SME business.