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Sureswipe Prepaid Vouchers

Hassle-free prepaid purchases

With Sureswipe Prepaid, you can use one device to offer your customers a hassle-free way to buy Prepaid airtime

How does it work?

Sureswipe Prepaid

One device

You can use a single Sureswipe card machine to sell Prepaid airtime


Leverage airtime sales to upsell other point-of-sale products

Earn commission

We pay you the commission earned on all Prepaid vouchers sold


Apply for Prepaid

Convenience at your fingertips

More people are using smartphones than ever before, and they need airtime. With Sureswipe’s Prepaid vouchers, you can secure added revenues by offering convenient access to recharging bundles from a variety of network service providers.

  • We pay you the commission earned on each voucher sold
  • You have complete control over the number of vouchers you sell
  • We encourage you to keep a minimum balance of R1000 in your account at all times for your customers



Customer Reviews

What our customers say about us

“Our customers know I sell prepaid airtime and it has definitely created stickiness – more people come back, more often. Sales have gone up too as people tend to purchase extra goods when they come. I would highly recommend this for other businesses!”

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