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Accept card payments on the move with a transaction rate of 2.75% ex vat



R 1 599 incl VAT

R 1 390.43 ex VAT


R 1 380 incl VAT

R 1 200 ex VAT




Click here to register and login



Get your MOVE card machine on a monthly contract


Fixed rate

Optional printer

Once off payment

Own your device

*Monthly rental options are not applicable to non South African Individuals.

R274 incl. vat

R238 ex. vat
Online Deal


Buy your MOVE card
machine outright



Fixed rate

Optional printer

Once off payment

Own your device

*Available to all applicants including non South African Individuals.

R1599 incl. vat

R 1 390.43 ex vat

24 month contract

Get your MOVE card machine on a 24 month contract


Fixed rate

Optional printer

Once off payment

Own your device

*Monthly rental options are not applicable to non South African Individuals.

R207 incl. vat

R180 ex. vat



key features:


Enjoy cash, card or split payments on the go with our new Sureswipe POS LITE APP and mobile card machine.
Get insights into your business data to make better decisions


Key features of Sureswipe's POS LITE APP and business management portal include:

  • Live transactional history
  • Track your sales data
  • Track your stock data, which can be categorised into multiple categories
  • Add new or existing employee data with the ability to have multiple admin logins while the business owner retains control over the transactional history
  • Add on all your stores per location and region
  • Easy data reconciliation saving you time


PLEASE NOTE: If you sign up online you will pay R1599. Should a sales representative come out to meet you, you will pay R 1849 for expenses incurred.

Did you know?

We also integrate with Humble till and TallOrder POS for all our mobile card payments.

Humble till and Tall order


Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, or thinking of starting up a new business venture our new Sureswipe POS LITE solution will allow you to:

  • Receive customer payments from anywhere
  • Get better insights into your business with the new Online business management portal

No matter what your business ambitions are, let us worry about taking care of payments while you focus on growing your business. Your move!


Click here to sign up online within minutes

Download the Sureswipe POS LITE APP on your smartphone

Register online to the Business management portal and have a full view of your business data in real time


Download the Sureswipe POS LITE APP from your App store/Playstore

Insert or swipe your customer’s card in the Move machine, accept cash or split payments

You manage the payment on your mobile or tablet using the App.

An electronic receipt is sent to both you and your customer, via SMS or Email.

Payments are sent to the bank and credited to your account within 2 days.

Register online and access your business data



Visit the App Store (iOS) or Google
Play (Android)
 to download and
install the Sureswipe POS LITE APP on
your smartphone.


The benefits of using Sureswipe Move
are not limited to mobile phones but
can also be installed on both iPad and
Android tablets.


Sureswipe’s mPOS solution – in the form of a compact MOVE mobile card reader and POS LITE App and Online Business Management Portal (compatible with iOS and Android devices) – is aimed at entrepreneurs and business owners who need a cost-effective way to effortlessly accept card payments. POS LITE serves as an online business management portal that links to your smart device.


  • The POS LITE App, once installed on your smart device, links via Bluetooth to a secure MOVE card reader that you can use to accept payments in-store or on-the-go.
  • Not only does Sureswipe’s POS LITE App serve as your payment gateway, it also acts as a business enablement tool in the form of an inventory management portal.


Here are three reasons why Sureswipe’s
mobile card payment solution might make
business sense for you:


1. POS LITE is easy to implement 

  • Independent retailers and professional services providers only need a smartphone to get started. Sureswipe will provide a cost-effective MOVE card reader device and you can download the POS LITE App for free from your device’s App store.
  • There is no need for any wires or complicated infrastructure, keeping costs and barriers to entry low. Sureswipe charges POS LITE card device users either a flat fee per transaction or a monthly subscription fee, or you can purchase the machine outright to suit their transaction volumes.


2. POS LITE is as secure as a fixed payment device

  • Leading mPOS solutions such as Sureswipe’s offer end-to-end data encryption to ensure your customers’ card details are safe.
  • Our MOVE card reader is a chip-and-pin approved unit that can’t be opened to tamper with. Added to this, no card data is ever stored on the reader, which reduces the risk of data breaches. Most importantly, POS LITE eliminates the need for business owners to handle or carry large sums of cash between places of business.


3. POS LITE can improve administrative efficiency

  • A good mPOS solution should enable you to link product information to transactions. With the POS LITE Online Business Management Portal from Sureswipe, your data is collected and stored in a central database that you can access via a secure login.
  • Using the insights obtained from your POS LITE portal, for instance, you can create a better customer experience and also streamline accounting and reconciliation processes.


  • Mobile Retailers: If you sell products at farmers’ markets, regional fairs, flea markets or trade shows, you can easily accept electronic payment for goods.
  • On-the-Go Food Service Businesses: If you deliver food to office parks, or if you’re running a food cart or truck, a mobile card payment machine will eliminate the need for you to keep cash on site.
  • Medical Service Providers: If you practice at various locations, you can accept immediate payment for services with a mobile card payment machine without the hassle of having to follow-up for payments.
  • Professional Services Providers: If you cater to people (or pets), a mobile card payment device will allow your customer to use their card to pay for services on-the-spot.
  • Trade Businesses: If you’re a plumber, electrician, carpenter or handyman, being able to accept all forms of card payments can ensure you’re paid in a safe and convenient way.


A mobile card payment machine or m-POS is an Internet-enabled digitally-enhanced device that accepts payments via cards – in the same way a traditional card payment machine would.

  • Similar to a fixed or portable card payment machine, the MOVE card reader that links to the POS LITE App enables business owners to accept cards to make a sale.
  • MOVE card readers seamlessly connect to the POS LITE App on your mobile device via Bluetooth. It then securely links to Sureswipe’s payment gateway using your smartphone or tablet’s Internet connection – eliminating the need for you to have fixed infrastructure ADSL or Fibre lines.
  • The POS LITE solution offers you a cost-effective way to process credit and debit cards and is small and agile enough to be used anywhere. Also, the App allows you to accept cash or split transactions.

Sureswipe’s MOVE card payment machine is suitable for a variety of businesses and can work as a standalone device that processes card transactions.


Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or thinking of starting up a new business venture, Sureswipe’s new (free to download) POS LITE application can help you to unlock often-overlooked insights into your business.

With the POS LITE solution and MOVE card reader from Sureswipe, you can facilitate cash, card or split payments on-the-go and learn more about what’s happening with your stock and your customers through an online business management portal.

Through the POS LITE Online Business Management Portal, you can:

  • Load employees with different permission profiles to allow different people to process payments if you are busy.
  • Set up single or multiple ‘locations’ as business units
  • Track sales data in real-time.
  • Reduce the challenges of reconciling at the end of the day to save time.
  • Reduce instances of fraud thanks to easy recons made possible through the portal.


Gain insights into your business data to make better decisions – FREE – with Sureswipe

  1. Register your profile online and complete your stock data in the Online Business Management Portal.
  2. Download the Sureswipe POS LITE application from the Apple Store or Google Play store.
  3. Insert or swipe your customer’s card in the MOVE card payment machine – accept cash or card payments.
  4. Manage payments using the updated POS LITE App.
  5. Login to the Online Business Management portal and monitor your sales and stock in real time.
  6. Online portal access give you a view of all your transactional data, which you can use to strategise accordingly.


Sureswipe Move offers end-to-end encryption in terms of security, enabling you to accept card transactions safely and securely. In a time where data breaches are increasing, security capabilities have become an important consideration when selecting a card payment machine provider. With Sureswipe MOVE you can rest assured of:

  1. Robust, encrypted security firewalls that act as your first line of protection.
  2. PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards), a worldwide standard that is set up to help businesses process card payments securely and reduce card fraud.
  3. Tight controls surrounding the storage, transmission and processing of cardholder data.
  4. Regular security testing to ensure your connection to the payment gateway is secure.


  • More than 8 000 independent retail and professional services businesses in South Africa rely on Sureswipe for easy and hassle-free card payment acceptance.
  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners attest to the company’s quick response times, friendly and efficient call-centre staff and personalised service.
  • As a Sureswipe customer, you’ll gain access to 24/7 technical support through our call-centre.
  • If you experience challenges with your MOVE card reader or POS LITE App, we will dispatch a technician to you within 48-hours in major business districts or call you back to assist over the phone.
  • According to research conducted by VISA, customers spend up to three times more when using a credit card instead of cash to pay. Cards are growing in popularity as a preferred payment method, and we can provide you with ways to easily accept card payments.


There are three easy steps to take to achieve safe, secure mobile card payment acceptance in your independent business:

  1. Sign up: Complete the sign-up form and we’ll call you back in 1 hour to learn more about your business and your needs.
  2. Get approval: We will provide you with feedback on your MOVE card machine within 24 hours.
  3. Start swiping: Once approved, we’ll deliver your MOVE card machine within a week.

Access safe, secure and reliable card payment solutions today.

“No more ‘I have a card only, no cash’. We are able to process payments on-the-go and on-the-spot thanks to our mPOS solution from Sureswipe. The device is so easy to use and is not costly compared to other card payment machines.” – NOELLE MAKHAUKANE WA-KA NGOBENI, Quatre Saisons Pty-Ltd, JHB


  1. Do I have to sign a contract to access a MOVE card payment device?
    Yes. Our banking partner is Mercantile and we need to ensure that your FICA and Business registration documents are in order before we sign you up.
  2. Do I have to sign a contract to use the POS LITE application?
    No. The application is free to download and to use, however you can only process card payments using the MOVE card reader from Sureswipe. Network providers’ standard data charges will apply for card transactions while the MOVE card reader connects to your smart device via Bluetooth.
  3. Is POS LITE and the MOVE card reader machine compatible with iOS devices?
    Yes. If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, your device must be running iOS version 9 or later versions of Apple’s operating system.
  4. Is POS LITE and the MOVE card reader machine compatible with Android devices?
    Yes. If you are using a Google Android-powered smartphone or tablet, your device must be running Android Version 4.4 or later versions of Google’s operating system.
  5. Does the MOVE card reader device come with a warranty or guarantee?
    Yes. We will replace your MOVE card reader if there is a factory fault with it. We’ll thoroughly assess the unit and provide you with a new unit.
  6. What if I lose the smart device that pairs with my MOVE card reader. Will someone else be able to use it?
    No. If you lose your phone or tablet, your Sureswipe m-POS solution will not be compromised. You get a special secret key that’s linked to your smart device, which pairs with the MOVE card reader to ensure reduced instances of fraud.
  7. Will I receive training on how to use the MOVE card payment machine and POS LITE App?
    Yes. Sureswipe will help set you up, or you can download the POS LITE App and use the manual in your welcome pack to get you up and running. We’ll also assist you in learning how to use the POS LITE Online Business Management Portal.
  8. Is the MOVE card payment device insured?
    Yes if you sign a month to month or 24 month contract with us. The MOVE card reader machine is insured for lighting, or fire damage, as well as theft.
  9. Why do I get a warning from my bank when I do an EFT?
    Sureswipe makes use of a secure 3rd party EFT provider that adheres to all financial regulations. This is a generic warning message from your Bank and might require you to either enter a One Time Pin or a Token to authenticate the once off electronic transfer-EFT payment.

Access safe, secure and reliable card payment solutions today.

“The experience with the POS-Lite system has been great. We are now able to directly monitor and manage our stock and sales. This is something that we have been unable to do up until now. As a start up we need to better manage the sales of the business and to understand our stock levels, for ordering purposes and the system allows for that, in a very simple and slick application.”

Ondina Pires
CEO Impello, JHB


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