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Learn how to:

  • Drive Revenue With a Loyalty Programme 
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Create your custom loyalty programme.

Have your own branded loyalty cards and promotional items delivered to your business.

Customers enrol, start swiping and earn value on their loyalty cards.

Your clients redeem their value at your store.

You manage and promote your loyalty programme online.

Increase your revenue by up to 24% per annum.



% Cashback programme

The more your customers spend the higher the reward. Instant cashback % reward back to your customer based on their basket spend each time they spend at your business.

Loyalty Reward Spending

Points programme

Trying to Keep your customers engaged? Every rand spent in your business earns your customer points. Accumulate points for spend and behaviour to be rewarded down the line.

Punchcard Programme

Punch Card programme

Want to encourage regular and repeat business or trying to move a specific product line? Punch card is based on specific products, buy 9 and receive one free.

Loyalty Reward Visits


Want to increase your footfall through your door? Rewards for visits is based on frequency of visits regardless of spend value. For every 10 visits receive a reward.

Did you know?

Customers who are on a reward programme are more likely to revisit your store and spend more than those customers who aren’t.

Loyalty Programme

Want to launch a retail Loyalty Programme? Sureswipe’s Loyalty Programme is a fully-customisable solution that can help you improve how you engage with (and retain) customers.

A Loyalty Programme gives you the ability to cost-effectively grow your customer base and say thank you to your customers in numerous ways.

What is a Loyalty Programme?

A loyalty programme is a rewards system offered by a company to customers who frequently make purchases. Your loyalty programme may give a customer advanced access to new products or access to special sales events or even free products.


A Customer Loyalty Programme is a marketing tool that can be used by all types of businesses, particularly retailers and professional services providers, to encourage repeat customers by offering a reward system.


Because of the prevalence of Customer Loyalty Programmes used by South Africa’s leading retailers and restaurant chains, consumers have come to expect some type of incentivised loyalty offer – like rewards points or a percentage of their cash back, which can be redeemed for products or services.

How does a Loyalty Programme Work?

Sureswipe’s Loyalty Programme provides a structured (and long-term) marketing effort that helps you provide incentives to repeat customers who demonstrate loyal buying behaviour. Using your Sureswipe payment machine, you simply swipe a customer’s Loyalty Programme card and they will immediately earn rewards. We take care of the back-end mechanics of the programme for you.

We help you to develop a Loyalty Programme that’s designed to motivate customers to return to your shop often and make more frequent purchases. You can decide how to reward loyal customers – with discounts, special offers, rebates, points, or freebies.

Which businesses benefit most from Loyalty Programmes?

Retailers – Already proving a boon for large retail businesses, Sureswipe’s Loyalty Programme can help independent retailer businesses and professional services providers operating in South Africa to grow the customer base.

Restaurants – Want to reward your best customers with a free starter or drink? You can easily manage this with a Sureswipe Loyalty Programme.

Health & Beauty – If you run a beauty salon or even if you’re a chiropractor, you can unlock a world of benefits for customers with a Sureswipe Loyalty Programme.

6 Steps to Set-Up Your Sureswipe Loyalty Programme

Sureswipe manages the set-up process efficiently and quickly to ensure you’ll be swiping as soon as possible:


Step 1: If you already have a Sureswipe card payment solution, we can quickly help you kick-start your Loyalty Programme.

Step 2: You simply contact Sureswipe and speak to one of our solutions consultants for more information on a Loyalty Programme for your business. You decide on whether percentage of cashback, reward points or punch cards work best for your customers.

STEP 3: Once you’ve signed up for Loyalty, you simply send us your logo or preferred artwork. We’ll design your Loyalty cards and you’ll get to approve the cards to ensure it aligns with your brand identity.

STEP 4: Sureswipe will send your approved designs for card printing which should take around 7 – 10 days for production.

STEP 5: We get in touch with you to arrange delivery of your new Loyalty cards and to provide training on how to use your new easy online Loyalty portal.

STEP 6: You’re ready to plan you Loyalty Programme launch and promote your unique offerings to customers.

Click here to kickstart your Loyalty Programme.

The Benefits of a Loyalty Card Programme

Loyalty Programmes are not as expensive to implement as you think. You might imagine a large portion of existing resources being funnelled away into a programme that may or may not see success, but in reality, pursuing new customers is the true cost burden.


Increase basket size

  • Research shows that businesses that implement Loyalty Programmes (and run them successfully) can achieve a 24% average increase in revenue after 12 months
  • While you might think that 24% is unrealistic, the proof is in the numbers. Sureswipe’s Loyalty Programme is driven by customer-rich data that enables marketing strategies to capture increased revenue.
  • Sureswipe merchants who have implemented Loyalty Programmes achieve larger basket sizes with their customers in comparison with ‘non-loyalty’ merchants.


Increase revenue month-on-month

  • If your business’s turnover is, for example, R100 000 per month (R1,2million per annum), in 12 months’ time, with a well-run Loyalty Programme, your turnover can reach R124 000 per month (R1 488 000 per annum).
  • It’s important to note, however, that your investment in a Loyalty Programme on a monthly basis is variable due to industry, volume & value of loyalty transactions and customer behaviour.
  • The investment (on average) across Sureswipe’s merchant base is between R400 – R500 per month for a 24% return. Based on the R100 000 per month example, this is a 1,8% investment to gain a ROI of 24%.


Customer Feedback

“As a medium sized business, we are competing against big retailers and need to retain our customers. We cannot invest in customised software to the value that the super stores do – so we decided to use Sureswipe’s Loyalty Programme. What impresses me the most is the flexibility of the system – we are in control and can ‘fine tune’ the programme to our liking.” – Isabel Bloem, Data Inn, Limpopo

Why Choose Sureswipe’s Loyalty Card Programme?

Out-of-the-box Loyalty Card Programme Solution

  • Sureswipe’s Loyalty Programme is a plug-and-play solution that does not require you to invest in high-end IT infrastructure like servers and data processors.
  • Our Loyalty Programme is run through an online portal that you simply log into to gain access to unrivalled customer insights.

Custom Loyalty Card Design

  • Sureswipe will help you develop a card design that best-suits your business’s corporate identity.
  • Not only will we design your cards, we’ll also print and deliver your first batch to you.
  • Additional cards are created just for you, as you need them, to ensure you aren’t keeping too many cards in inventory.

Loyalty Card Programme Set-up

  • Once you sign up for a Loyalty Programme, we’ll get to work to ensure that your Loyalty Cards and Promotional Items are delivered to you.
  • We will also help you define the type of Loyalty Programme that best suits your business model, but you remain in complete control of how your Loyalty Programme rewards customers.

Loyalty Card Programme Training

  • Sureswipe provides you with hands-on training on how to log in to your Loyalty Programme’s online portal.
  • We also help you get to grips with the data analysis side of things, to ensure you are getting the maximum impact out of your Loyalty Programme.
  • Using the data, we’ll work together on how to target your marketing efforts based on the customer data you collect using SMS or email platforms.

Hybrid Card – A Loyalty And Gift Card Solution

  • Sureswipe’s Hybrid Loyalty and Gift Card can enable you to attract new customers and keep them loyal to you with one card.
  • The customer’s card is loaded with credit, which is used for purchases and to earn loyalty points at the same time – with one swipe.

Questions to ask when selecting a Loyalty Card Programme provider

Do they have a proven track record? 

  • Sureswipe is the leading independent merchant solutions provider in South Africa. Successful implementation of Sureswipe Loyalty Programmes are already assisting Sureswipe clients in achieving increased revenue.

Do they offer a custom-built solution to suit my exact requirements?

  • Sureswipe’s Loyalty Programme is tailored to your business’s exact requirements, allowing you to reward customers through cashback, points, or discounts.

Do they offer thorough onboarding and training?

  • You will receive full training and support when it comes to using Sureswipe’s Loyalty Programme effectively.

Do they offer after sales support?

  • Sign up for a Sureswipe Loyalty Programme and gain access to our 24/7 call centre.
  • Should you need a field technician, one will be at your side within 24 hours in the major business hubs.
  • You can also rest assured that in-field technicians will be by your side to assist within 48 hours in outlying areas.


To speak to a sales consultant to find out the latest pricing, click here


Can I sign-up for Sureswipe’s Loyalty Programme if I am using a card payment device supplied by a different vendor?

You can continue to use your card payment device from a different vendor, but you will require a Sureswipe device in order to process and facilitate the Loyalty Programme.


Will you train me to use the Sureswipe Loyalty Programme online system?

Yes, full training and installation will be provided on the outset of launching your programme. In-depth training will be carried out on your Loyalty Programme’s online system.


If a customer loses their Loyalty Card, how do I replace it for them?

You simply email Sureswipe at, providing the customers lost card number and a new replacement card number from your inventory. Sureswipe will ensure that the customer’s balance is safely transferred to their new card within a few hours.


How do I create a customer database?

Simply capture your new Loyalty Card customer’s details on your personal online Loyalty portal. You can create and manage your own unique database that can be exported to CSV (Excel document). This database can be used for marketing, to target particular customers through SMS and Email.


Can I contact customers through the Loyalty Programme’s online portal?

Yes, once your customer details have been captured you can send both SMS and Email marketing campaigns to your customer base to promote special offers, events or new product or service lines in your business.


Do I receive technical support?

Sureswipe has a 24/7 call centre and in-field support technicians to assist with all your needs.

“As a medium sized business we are competing against big retailers and need to retain our customers. We cannot invest in customised software to the value that the super stores do – so we decided to use Sureswipe’s loyalty programme. What impresses me the most is the flexibility of the system – we are in control and can ‘fine tune’ the programme to our liking.”

Data Inn, Limpopo


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