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Sureswipe Integrated payments is available with the following point of sale systems – Micros, GAAP, Arch Retail, Pilot Software, Vission POS, React POS, Legend POS and InfoDynamics.

If you operate with any of these point of sale systems, call us today for a competitive quote, if not lets chat on how we can manage your integration

We will get you swiping with a state of the art integrated payments

Benefits include increased transaction speed, simple reconciliation, fraud and human error are reduced, accuracy increased, due to real-time authorization and the integration with your POS system.

Integrated Payments

Sureswipe Integrated Payments is targeted at higher volume retailers, where transaction speed is important and payments are integrated into your point-of-sale (POS).

We are the first independent Payment Service Provider to offer South African businesses a fully integrated solution with acquiring services, that enables your business to accept card payments faster, more accurately and safer through your existing point-of-sale.

What is Integrated Payments?

Connecting Payments devices with point-of-sale (POS) systems provide a seamless way for higher-volume retailers to accept card payments through their existing POS. For any retail operation that makes use of POS technology, integrated payments will make it easier for you to reconcile card transactions.

When it comes to setting up an integrated payments solution in your business, all you need is:

  • An ADSL Line (preferably) or GSM modem (or both for redundancy)
  • A point-of-sale system that’s supported by Sureswipe.

Sureswipe integrates payments with the following POS systems:

And more.

How Integrated Payments Works?

  • Step 1: Your cashier enters the sale on the POS
  • Step 2: Cashier presses card button on POS to activate the integrated payments device
  • Step 3: Payment device lights up
  • Step 4: Cashier swipes or dips the customer’s card depending on the card type
  • Step 5: The customer enters his or her PIN if chip card or debit card
  • Step 6: If successful, POS system prints card slips
  • Step 7: POS bill is automatically closed
  • Step 8: Cashier hands the customer a slip
  • Step 9: The transaction is now complete.

Through an integrated payments solution from Sureswipe, you will be able to complete transactions in 2 – 5 seconds. This means customers aren’t kept waiting in queues, and because we offer acquiring as part of the integrated payments solution, transactions are automatically settled for you.



Who is Integrated Payments ideal for?

Sureswipe’s integrated payment solution is designed for higher-volume retailers – where transaction speed and accuracy is paramount and payments are integrated into your POS:

  • High volume retailers
  • Quick service outlets and restaurants
  • Multi-store owners
  • Franchises

More than 600 businesses already use Sureswipe’s Integrated Payments solution to run better business operations. These companies include KFC, Nando’s, Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, OK Foods, Kauai, and Krispy Kreme.
Integrated payments can be tailored to your particular commercial requirements, and we will work with you to ensure your systems are safe, secure and always on.

8 Easy Steps to Set-up Sureswipe’s Integrated Payments

Sureswipe manages the set-up process efficiently and quickly to ensure you’ll be swiping as soon as possible:

  1. You call us and we will meet with you
  2. We’ll prepare a cost-competitive quote for your review
  3. We’ll prepare and issue your Client Agreement for signature.
  4. You’ll be activated on our software platforms to ensure safe and secure transactions
  5. You’re now an official Sureswipe customer
  6. Your debtor code is allocated
  7. You’ll receive the signed Merchant Agreement
  8. Installation and training on how to use integrated Payments will take place at your premises.

To gain access to Integrated Payments right now, click here.

The Benefits of Integrating Payments with your POS

Besides improved visibility and speeding up your store’s card transactional capabilities, Integrated Payments from Sureswipe offers the following benefits for higher volume retailers, restaurants and multi-store businesses:


Transaction Speed

  • Fast transaction speeds – between 2 to 5 seconds from swipe to complete
  • Integrated Payments is ideal during peak times to ensure customers aren’t kept waiting in queues
  • Supports contactless transactions or tap-and-go.

Improved Reconciliation

  • Real-time authorisation and integration with your point-of-sale system
  • Accurate and simple reconciliation reduces human error and saves time
  • You’ll receive automated daily emails for ease of reconciliation and web-based transaction reports are also available.

Increased Security

  • Advanced fraud monitoring
  • No end-of-day procedure or hot card file downloads
  • It offers the latest in encryption (P2PE) security protocols to ensure transactions are captured safely and securely
  • It’s EMV certified
  • Sureswipe is a certified PCI DSS Service Provider

Reduced Costs

  • Sureswipe offers bundled pricing – for a cost-effective monthly fee you receive card machine rental, POS integration, transaction switching all with free call outs and free telephonic support.

Why Choose Sureswipe as Your Partner for Integrated Payments?

  • State-of-the-art solution: Integrated Payments from Sureswipe is PCI DSS approved. This means it’s one of the safest ways for you to accept card payments.
  • Expertise: Sureswipe is the largest independent merchant solutions provider in South Africa, thanks to our acquisition of Concorde Solutions in 2016.
  • Proven track record: Successful implementation in over 600 customers including more than a decade’s experience working with Micros (since 2006) and GAAP (since 2011).
  • We negotiate the best rates for you: Sureswipe will negotiate the very best bank transaction rates on your behalf.
  • Custom-built solution to suit your exact requirements: Integrated Payments from Sureswipe is tailored to your business’s exact requirements. It’s not a plug-and-play solution and is fully-customisable for your retail environment.
  • Thorough onboarding and training: You and your staff will receive full training, and support, when it comes to using Integrated Payments effectively.
  • Outstanding after sales support: Gain access to 24/7 support, every day of the year. Sureswipe’s call centre opens as early as 7am and in-field technicians can be by your side within 24 or 48 hours.


Gain Access to the Sureswipe Value Chain

A further benefit of selecting Sureswipe as your Integrated Payments solution provider is that you’ll be able to take advantage of Loyalty and Gift Card Programmes:
Loyalty Programme
Research has shown Loyalty Programmes to trigger an increase in customers’ wallet spend and grow revenue month-on-month. Click here to learn more about Sureswipe’s Loyalty Programme options.

Gift Card Programme
Sureswipe’s comprehensive Gift Card solution enables retailers to attract new customers to their stores. Click here to read more about Sureswipe’s Gift Card Programme options.

How Secure is Sureswipe’s Integrated Payments Solution?

In a time where data breaches are now common on POS systems, security capabilities have become particularly important:

  1. Robust firewalls act as your first line of protection.
  2. Sureswipe’s Integrated Payments solution works off PCI DSS (the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), which is a worldwide standard that is set up to help businesses process card payments securely and reduce card fraud.
  3. Tight controls surrounding the storage, transmission and processing of cardholder data are ensured.
  4. PCI DSS protects sensitive cardholder data.
  5. Regular security testing and virus updates ensure proactive responses to vulnerabilities.

How secure are my customer’s card transactions with Sureswipe?

Sureswipe has PCI DSS Compliance.

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council has set a high bar in terms of data security to protect cardholder data.  This is referred to as the PCI Data Security Standard. Being PCI DSS compliant is required by the card association and by PASA.

With Sureswipe being compliant to this security standard means that your customer’s card data is protected when swiping in your retail shop on a Sureswipe card machine.

After Sales Support

Because we know what it takes to run a successful retail business, we offer you a 24/7, 365 call centre support line, a dedicated account manager, online reporting and on-site support within one business day.


Sureswipe call centre support

Sureswipe’s call centre offers 90% first-call resolution; testament to our outstanding support.

  • Our call centre operates around the clock – 365 days a year to ensure our customers always have access to assistance.
  • Our call centre team is able to assist with Pin Entry Device queries, point-of-sale integration advice, comms queries and settlement support.
  • LogMeIn Access enables our support team to address issues concerning re-installs and configuration remotely.

Sureswipe In-field Support

  • If your query cannot be resolved by our call centre technicians, a Sureswipe technician will be dispatched to assist you with urgency.
  • Sureswipe offers 24-hour response in the major business hubs: Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town.
  • If you’re elsewhere, we will be at your side within 48-hours.

Our Pricing

  • Our rates are competitive and simple.
  • Best fees negotiated on your behalf with the banks.
  • As this is a cost tailored to your business needs, it allows you to save more as you swipe more. Request a call back for a competitive quote.
  • Low monthly fees and bundled pricing options are also available.
  • Support and on-site call outs are included in your monthly fees.

Integrated Payments Solutions FAQs

Integrated Payments Solutions FAQs

1. What is Integrated Payments and how does it work?

Sureswipe’s Integrated solution is targeted at high-volume retailers who require the use of POS technology. When it comes to setting up an Integrated Payments solution in your business, all you need is:

  • An ADSL Line (preferably) or GSM modem (or both for redundancy).
  • A point-of-sale terminal that’s supported by Sureswipe.

This means you can reconcile card payments easily, because card swipe payments are integrated into your point-of-sale so that it’s easier for you to take control of your business.

2. Will Sureswipe use my existing POS system or will I need to install a new POS system?

No, you don’t have to buy a new POS machine. Sureswipe’s Integrated Payments solution is compatible with South Africa’s most popular POS systems, including Micros, GAAP, Arch Retail, Pilot Software, Vision POS, React POS, Legend POS and InfoDynamics.

3. Is Integrated Payments a safe merchant card payment solution to use in my business?

Yes, Sureswipe is a PCI DSS Certified level 1 Service Provider, as listed on the VISA website. We use encrypted processing technology through Traderoot Merchants to ensure that payment gateways are as safe as possible and that your money remains your money.

“Thanks to Sureswipe for their quick turn-around-time when I opened another branch for Krispy Kreme. I logged a call one week before opening another new store and their technicians installed the system and trained our new staff well in time for the store opening. Great customer service is clearly key to the Sureswipe business.”

Group Financial Manager Krispy Kreme


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