Custom Gift Cards

Get New Customers & Increase Their Spend

Our affordable Gift Card programme can help you grow your customer base by attracting new customers and enticing them to spend more cash with you.


Sureswipe Gift Programme

Attract new customers and increase their basket spend

You can have access to the high-tech information systems that larger retailers are already leveraging to the fullest. Sureswipe’s affordable Gift Card programmes can help you grow your customer base by attracting new customers and enticing them to spend more cash with you.

What You Get

Sureswipe Gift Cards

Increase Your Revenue

Gift card holders spend 20% more than the loaded gift card value which can increase basket spend by introducing a gift card programme.

Attract New Customers

80% of gift cards issued result in a new customer for your business.

In-Depth Customer Insights

Get deep insights on the shopping patterns and preferences within different customer segments.

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Types of businesses a gift programme is suited for

Health & Beauty

Pets & Vets



Sureswipe Gift Programme

How does it Work

Signing up for our Gift Programme is quick and easy. We will help you set up your gift card programme.

You’ll have the power to manage your own Gift Card programme through Sureswipe’s powerful online analytics portal.

We provide Gift card branding to alert customers to your offering, card packs and point of sale display stands.

Your customers can also make use of an online portal to view their card balances.


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How To Grow revenue in your business through a Gift card programme

Learn how to:

  • Succeed In your  Business
  • To Deliver On Customer Expectations
  • Reduce Customer Churn
  • Launch your own Gift & Loyalty programme




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What are the benefits of offering a Gift Card Programme?

Gift Cards are proven to draw in new customers, encouraging them to make more purchases. Independent retailers and service providers that don’t offer Gift Cards miss out on a powerful way to grow their customer base, sales and build relationships with customers.

Why choose Sureswipe’s Gift Card Programme?

Sureswipe’s Gift Card Programme is a plug-and-play solution that does not require you to invest in high-end IT infrastructure like servers and data processors and Our Gift Card Programme is run through your Sureswipe card machine and can be managed through an online portal that you simply log into to manage customer information.

Can I sign-up for Sureswipe’s Gift Card Programme if I am using a card payment device supplied by a different vendor?

You can continue to use your card machine from a different vendor, but you will require a Sureswipe device in order to process and facilitate the Gift Card programme.

If a customer loses their Gift Card, is it possible to replace it for them?

Simply email Sureswipe at, by providing the customers lost card number and a new replacement card number. Sureswipe will securely transfer the customer's balance to their new card within a few hours.

Get started in 3 easy steps

Quick and Simple

Signing up is straightforward and we help you to set up your Gift Card programme instantly.

Custom Branding

We custom brand your gift cards and provide you with the promotional material you need to endorse your programme.

Online Tracking

All the supporting tools you need to manage your Gift Card programme are available online. Your gift card holders are also able to view their balances.

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Did you know

Gift card holders tend to spend up to 20% MORE than the original gift card value.

We can help you attract new customers and increase their basket spend