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Quick and Simple

Signing up is straightforward and we help you set up your gift card programme instantly.

Custom Branding

We custom brand your gift cards and provide you with the promotional material you need to endorse your programme.

Online tracking

All the supporting tools you need to manage your gift card programme are available online.  Your gift card holders  are also able to view their balances.


Simply sign up and have your custom branded gift cards delivered to your store.

Customers choose the value that is loaded on the gift card.

Gift card value that is spent will be debited to your bank account.

You can promote your programme using the email and SMS tools available to you.

Did you know?

Gift card holders tend to spend up to 20% MORE than the original gift card value.

Gift Card Programme

Grow your customer base without having to spend a fortune on infrastructure and marketing. With Sureswipe’s Gift Card Programme, you can attract new customers by offering unique Gift Cards through a simple and easy-to-use retail gifting programme.

Sureswipe’s Gift Card Programme is a fully-customisable retail tool that can help you improve revenue and retain customers by converting them to Loyalty Programme members with a Hybrid Card facility.

What is a Gift Card Programme?

  • Gift cards are easy to accept and sell, because they’re processed through your existing Sureswipe card payment device. Combined with a Loyalty Programme, Sureswipe’s Gift Cards can help you attract and retain customers.
  • With a Gift Card Programme, you can give new and existing customers more reasons to shop, and more reasons to do it with you for those special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries.

How does a Gift Card Programme work?

  • Simply sign up for a Gift Card Programme with Sureswipe and we will have your custom-branded customer cards and POS promotional merchandising delivered to your premises.
  • At your point-of-sale through your Sureswipe card payment device, customers can choose a rand value that is loaded on the gift card, which they can use – or give as a gift to a friend or family member.
  • When the Gift Card holder is ready to redeem it, they simply visit your shop and swipe to pay like using a credit card.
  • Through the Sureswipe online platform, you can promote your Gift Card Programme using email and SMS tools.

Which businesses benefit most from Gift Card Programmes?

  • Retailers – Already proving a success for large retail businesses, Sureswipe’s Gift Card Programme can help independent retailer businesses and professional services providers attract new customers.
  • Restaurants – If you’d like to win over new patrons, you can offer tailored Gift Cards that are loaded with a predetermined rand value. Diners can use their Gift Card to pay for meals through you existing Sureswipe card payment device.
  • Health & Beauty – If you run a beauty salon or even if you’re a chiropractor, you can attract new customers through a Gift Card Programme.

6 Steps to Set-up Your Sureswipe Gift Card Programme

Step 1: If you already have a Sureswipe card payment solution, we can quickly help you kick-start your Gift Programme.

Step 2: You simply contact Sureswipe and speak to one of our solutions consultants for more information on our Gift Cards for your particular business needs.

STEP 3: Once you’ve signed up for Gift Cards, you simply send us your logo or preferred artwork and we’ll design your cards. You’ll get to approve the cards to ensure it aligns with your brand identity.

STEP 4: Sureswipe will send your approved designs for card printing which should take around 7 – 10 days for production.

STEP 5: We get in touch with you to arrange delivery of your new Gift Cards and to provide training on how load credits on it via your Sureswipe card payment device.

STEP 6: You’re ready to plan your Gift Card launch party and promote your unique offering to customers.

Click here to sign up for your own gift card programme.

The Benefits of a Gift Card Programme

Gift Cards are proven to draw in new customers, encouraging them to make more purchases. Independent retailers and service providers that don’t offer Gift Cards miss out on a powerful way to grow their customer base, sales and build relationships with customers.


Attract new customers

  • 80% of Gift Cards issued by you will result in a new customer to your business. That’s eight new consumers for every 10 cards.
  • Studies show that Gift Card holders spend on average 20% more in a store than the card’s initial value.
  • In addition to increased customer spending, Gift Cards are a valuable tool for data collection and marketing.
  • Gift card customers are also more likely to purchase items at full price, allowing you to keep healthy profit margins.


Foster brand loyalty and repeat business

‘82% of small to medium-sized businesses say that offering Gift cards has had a positive impact on their bottom line. The majority report an increase in their sales.’ – Small Business Marketing

‘51% of consumers who receive gift cards spend more than the card’s initial value.’ – The American National Retail Federation

‘Gift Cards are the most profitable square foot of selling space at many retail sites. Eight out of ten people would include Gift Cards among their holiday shopping purchases.’  The American National Retail Federation


Customer Feedback

“The response from our customers to the gift card programme provided by Sureswipe has been overwhelmingly positive. Not only do they get to share a great gift with a loved one, but it has also increased sales for our business. Recipients of gift cards are spending more than the value of the card.” – Mark Downing, Managing Director of Pandora Jewellery stores nationwide

Why Choose Sureswipe’s Gift Card Programme?

Out-of-the-box Gift Programme Solution

  • Sureswipe’s Gift Card Programme is a plug-and-play solution that does not require you to invest in high-end IT infrastructure like servers and data processors.
  • Our Gift Card Programme is run through your Sureswipe card payment device and can be managed through an easy-to-use online portal that you simply log into to manage customer information.


Custom Gift Card Designs

  • Sureswipe will help you define a card design that best-suits your business’s brand image.
  • Not only will we design your cards, we’ll also print and deliver your first batch to you.
  • Additional cards are created just for you, as you need them, to ensure you aren’t keeping too many cards in inventory.


Gift Card Programme Set-up

  • Once you sign up for a Gift Card Programme, we’ll get to work to ensure that your Gift Cards and Promotional Items are delivered to you.
  • We can bundle Gift Card with our Loyalty Programme to help you save even more on costs, without compromising on your customer experience.
  • We will also help you manage your Gift Card Programme, but you remain in complete control of how Cash is loaded and how customers use their cards to pay.


Training for your Gift Card Programme

  • Sureswipe provides you with hands-on training on how to log in to your Gift Card Programme’s online portal.
  • We also help you get to grips with the data analysis side of things, to ensure you are getting the maximum impact out of your Gift Card Programme.
  • Using the data, we’ll work together on how to target your marketing efforts based on the customer data you collect, using SMS or email platforms.


Hybrid Card – A 2-in-1 Loyalty and Gift Card Solution

  • Sureswipe’s Hybrid (2 in 1) Loyalty and Gift Card can enable you to attract new customers and keep them loyal to you with one card.
  • The customer’s card is loaded with credit, which is used for purchases and to earn loyalty points at the same time – with one swipe.

Questions to ask when selecting a Gift Card Programme provider

Do they have a proven track record?

  • Successful implementation of Sureswipe Gift Card Programmes are already assisting Sureswipe clients in attracting new customers and unlocking increased revenue.

Do they offer a custom-built solution to suit my exact requirements?

  • Sureswipe’s Gift Card Programme is tailored to your business’s exact requirements, allowing you to reward customers through cashback, points, or discounts if you sign up for a Loyalty Programme too.

Do they offer thorough onboarding and training?

  • You will receive full training and support when it comes to using Sureswipe’s Gift Card Programme effectively.

Do they offer after sales support?

  • Sign up for a Sureswipe Gift Card Programme and gain access to our 24/7 call centre.
  • Should you need a field technician, one will be at your side within 24 hours in the major business hubs.
  • You can also rest assured that in-field technicians will be by your side to assist within 48 hours in outlying areas.


To speak to a sales consultant to find out the latest pricing, click here


Can I sign-up for Sureswipe’s Gift Card Programme if I am using a card payment device supplied by a different vendor?

You can continue to use your card payment device from a different vendor, but you will require a Sureswipe device in order to process and facilitate the Gift Card programme.


Will you train me to use the Sureswipe Gift Card Programme online portal and how to load cash on cards?

Yes, we provide full training and installation at the outset of your Gift Card Programme launch. In-depth training will also be provided on how to use the Sureswipe online portal.


If a customer loses their Gift Card, is it possible to replace it for them?

Simply email Sureswipe at, by providing the customers lost card number and a new replacement card number, Sureswipe will securely transfer the customers balance to their new card within a few hours.


How do I create a customer database through a Gift Card Programme?

Simply capture your new Gift Card customer’s details on your personal online Gift portal. Create your database which can be exported to CSV (Excel document) to target your customer base through SMS and Email functionality.


Can I contact customers through the Gift Card Programme’s online portal?

Yes, once your customer details have been captured, you can send both SMS and Email marketing campaigns to your customer base to promote specials, unique sales events or new product or service lines in your business.


Do I receive technical support?

Sureswipe has a 24/7 call centre and in-field technical support agents to assist with all your needs.

“The response from our customers to the gift card programme has been overwhelmingly positive! Not only do they get to share a great gift with a loved one, but it has also increased sales for our business. Recipients of gift cards are spending more than the value of the card!”

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