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Reliable, Fast & Secure Machines to Keep Customers Swiping

For your retail store countertop or when you need to go to a customer, our portable and fixed card machines help you accept cashless payments to grow your sales.


What you get

Sureswipe Fixed and Portable Card machine solutions

Safe and Secure

Our range of card payment machines offer end-to-end encryption and are PCI-DSS compliant so you can accept card transactions safely and securely

BEST Service

You receive 24/7 support and a dedicated account manager who will assist with any queries or to help you grow your business


Our solutions connect via ADSL, or single and dual SIM to give you connectivity when you need it the most. You choose the best option suited for your business need wherever you trade.


Portable Card Machine

Simple, Easy & Convenient Card Payments

Accommodate your customers with a portable card machine, as used in most hospitality stores.

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Sureswipe Portable

Types of businesses a portable card machine is suited for



Guest lodges


What is a portable card machine?

A portable card payment machine can be used remotely anywhere within your store so that customers can make payments at their convenience.

Ideal for independent retailers, restaurants and quick-service businesses, a portable card payment machine is secure and reliable for safe payments.

Portable card payment machines accept all forms of card payments, including VISA and MasterCard.

How does it work?

There are three easy steps to take to safe, secure card payment acceptance in your independent business:


Leave your contact details with us and we will call you back to set up an appointment and understand your business in greater detail


If you are happy with our quote, sign and submit your FICA. We will provide you with feedback on your contract within 24-hours


Once your contract gets approved, we’ll install your fixed,or portable or integrated payment solution in less than 4 within five working days. Mobile card payment machines will be delivered to you within three to five working days


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Do you have any questions?

Do I have to sign a contract to access a Sureswipe fixed and or portable card payment machine?

Yes. You can opt for a flexible month-to-month package and still enjoy the benefits of a contract, or sign up for a cost-effective two-year contract depending on your needs.

Is insurance included in my monthly fee if I sign a contract?

Yes. Insurance for machines is included when you sign a contract for an agreed-upon duration.

Can I cancel my contract and switch to another Sureswipe payment solution?

Yes. We will assist you in selecting the correct card payment solution to suit your business needs.

What added technical support do I receive when I sign up for a Sureswipe card payment machine?

You have access to a 24/7 support through our call centre and a dedicated account manager to help deliver the solutions you need to grow your business. We will dispatch technical support to you with haste should you require assistance with your machine. All you do is log a service call with us.

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Customer Reviews

What our customers say about us

“We are noticing that more parents want to pay for uniforms or sportswear for their kids with their cards instead of cash. This led to us partnering with Sureswipe as our card preferred card payment provider. With a card payment machine, we don’t have to worry about handling as much cash as we used to on the premises.”

Bennie and Ilze Geldenhuys
Totiusdal Handelshuis

“It used to be 50/50, but we realised that more customers are now choosing to pay with their card when buying accessories or items for the bike from our service department. Our fixed card machine from Sureswipe was excellent because it helped us give the customer a more convenient way to pay while we handed less cash on our premises at the same time.”

Vanessa Pretorius
Ermelo Motorcycles

“We see that fewer customers want to pay with cash, so we decided to get a reliable card payment machine. Sureswipe came to the party with quick service and easy to use machines. They make sure that we are able to connect and make transactions during the busy periods. We call the helpline and Sureswipe assists us immediately if there are issues. There’s no waiting for service, they just sort things out.”

Puseletso Moshodi
Poppy’s Restaurant

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