Sureswipe Cash Advance

Access Business Finance When You Need it Most

With Sureswipe’s Cash Advance, you have access to funding when you really need it


Sureswipe Cash Advance

See how our Cash Advance is different

We take personal interest in your business growth by providing you with instant financial support.
Whether you’re a new or existing Sureswipe client and have been swiping for 6 months or more, you can apply for the advance.

What you get

Sureswipe Cash Advance

Cash in 24 hours

24 hour turnaround on Cash Advance applications

Flexible Repayment

Cash Advance offers flexible repayment terms

No Asset Security

No asset security is required for a Cash Advance


Access finance in 24 hours

Get a Business Cash Advance

We want to help your business growth by providing you with instant financial support.



How does it work?

Need a merchant cash advance? Send us a Cash Advance request with your six-month average card turnover and FICA documents

No fixed payback term. There is no fixed payback term and repayment percentage is variable depending on your transactional volume

We vet and approve. Once you’re vetted and approved, you’ll receive 75% of your future card sales in your account based on your historic transactional activity

Monitor and review. The outstanding loan percentage is monitored daily and reviewed every two weeks


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We are here to help

Do you have any questions?

What are the Cash Advance application requirements?

Simply send us your six-month average card turnover figures and application together with FICA documents.

How quickly can I access the Cash Advance funds once I’ve been notified that I qualify?

You can have access to money in your bank account to grow your business within 24 hours depending on your particular application circumstances.

How long is the Cash Advance repayment term?

Repayment term is dependent on how much revenue you’re able to generate on a daily basis. If you generate R1 000 a day, we’ll take a small percentage of these daily revenue takings to settle the Cash Advance as quickly as possible.

What is the maximum amount I can qualify for?

Because businesses generate revenue differently from each other, every approved Cash Advance amount is tailored to a particular business. The amount of funding you can unlock depends on your previous six-month card turnover figures.

Benefits of

Sureswipe Cash Advance

No unreasonable financial security or guarantees required.

Payback is linked to your card machine turnover.

The more your customers swipe – the quicker your advance will be repaid.

Do you need additional funds for your business?

We can help you with a Sureswipe Cash Advance