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Choose your card machine


Your business has a fixed
till point as widely used in
most retail stores.


Accommodate your customers with
a portable card machine, as used
in most hospitality stores.


Targeted at higher volume retailers, where transaction speed is important and payments are integrated into your point of sale.


For the business on the move including
tradesmen and service providers
such as plumbers.


Sign up and choose between a fixed, mobile or portable card machine.

Have your customers swiping on your new card machine within 48 hours.

Transactions are swiped and sent to the bank for processing. Payment is made to your bank account within 2 days.

Keep track of your transactions with our online reporting tool.

Did you know?

Sureswipe has over 12 000 card devices at over 6 000 independent retailers and service providers nationwide.

Payment Machines

The way consumers pay for goods and services is evolving. Cash is no longer a preferred means of payment as people increasingly favour swiping cards or tapping cards to transact.
As credit cards, debit cards and newer forms of electronic payments become the norm, you need to effortlessly accept card payments . Sureswipe’s range of Payment Machines can help you to keep queues moving and customers satisfied.


  • A card payment device or payment terminal is an Internet-enabled digitally-enhanced machine that accepts payments via cards through electronic funds transfers (EFTs).
  • They enable business owners to insert, swipe, or manually enter a customer’s required credit or debit card information. Latest-generation card payments machines also accept NFC Contactless transactions.
  • Card payment machines transmit card data to the merchant service provider for authorisation and to transfer funds to the merchant.

Sureswipe’s payment machines offer the ability to process credit and debit cards (MasterCard and VISA) and serve as a comprehensive customer engagement tool, by allowing you to process gift cards and run loyalty programmes too. Our card payment machines also accommodate AMEX and Diners Club cards.

The fixed card payment machines transmit data in real-time over a secure telephone line or an Internet connection. Some machines also offer the ability to store transactional data to be transmitted to the payment machine company when a connection becomes available. Portable card payment machines transmit card data using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or cellular.

By using the latest card payment machines to directly capture transactions instead of accepting cash, businesses can benefit from the efficiency of decreased transaction processing times. Leading payment machine companies such as Sureswipe offer comprehensive end-to-end card data encryption to ensure all swipes are secure swipes.


  • Fixed card payment machines are placed on a counter top. Your customers simply insert or swipe their cards to make payment. The embedded chip or magnetic strip on the customer’s card is scanned so that your product or service can be paid for immediately.
  • Latest generation fixed card payment machines also offer tap-payment functionality. Here, customers simply touch your card payment machine with their card to make payment. As more and more cards are manufactured with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification chips), you can expect more customers to want to tap for faster payment convenience.
  • Fixed card payment machines can be secured to your point of sale (POS) terminals and synced to a cash till to process payments.



  • A portable card payment machine can be used remotely anywhere within your store so that customers can make payments at their convenience.
  • Ideal for independent retailers, restaurants and quick-service businesses, a portable card payment machine is as secure as a fixed card payment machine.
  • Portable card payment machines accept all forms of card payments, including VISA and MasterCard.


  • If you don’t have a fixed store, but still need to accept card payment, our mobile card reader connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet. This enables you to securely accept cashless payments through your cellular network provider’s connectivity.
  • It is a roaming payment solution that can accept all forms of card payments and is small and agile enough to be used by mobile businesses.
  • Using a mobile card payment machine minimises the need for having cash at hand, which is particularly important for mobile business owners who are concerned with the security risk posed of carrying large amounts of cash.


  • Retailers: Reduce instances of fraud and offer high-speed payment for customers. Whether you opt for fixed or portable devices, you’ll receive full training and support to ensure you process card payments safely.
  • Restaurants and Quick Service businesses: Whether you opt for fixed or portable, you can rely on safe secure transactions.
  • Professional services providers: If you practice at various locations, you can accept immediate payment for services with a mobile card payment machine. If you run your own practice, a fixed card payment solution can help you accept less cash on site.
  • Schools: A fixed, portable or mobile solution might be ideal for you. Instead of waiting for parents to pay school fees via EFT, offer them a solution to swipe their card each month to ensure you receive fees on time. Card machines also offer tuck shops an ideal way to transact without on-site cash.
  • Mobile businesses: If you run your own mobile business, or you’re a tradesman, being able to accept all forms of card payments can ensure you’re paid in a safe and convenient way. Sureswipe’s cost-effective card payment machine packages make accepting cashless payment easier than ever before.

Access safe, secure and reliable card payment solutions today.


Sureswipe’s range of card payment machines are suitable for a variety of businesses. And if you need to add machines, or move to different types of machines, Sureswipe will gladly tailor a new contract for you.

With Sureswipe you can opt for cost-effective month-to-month payment plans across a range of our machines.


  1. In addition to Sureswipe’s range of fixed, portable and mobile card payment solutions, you can now sign up for Integrated Payments.
  2. Integrated Payments is ideal for high-volume businesses, where transaction speed is important. Sureswipe is the first independent payment service provider to offer South African businesses a fully-integrated solution with acquiring services.
  3. With Integrated Payments, your business can accept card payments faster, more accurately and safely through your existing point-of-sale as you grow your turnover.

Sureswipe’s Integrated Payments system is compatible with:

  • Micros 3700
  • GAAP
  • Pilot Software
  • Arch Retail
  • InfoDynamics
  • Legend POS
  • Vision POS
  • iLaundry
  • React POS

Speak to us if you have an existing POS and we’ll help you with integration and installation.

Already have a card payment machine from another supplier? Why not consider obtaining a secondary card payment solution as a back-up? Leading retailers are known to run up to three different card payment systems to ensure they can always accept card payments.

Sureswipe’s card payment machines are considered next-generation because they seamlessly integrate new and emerging payment technologies such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Tap and Go, Pay Later, gift cards and loyalty cards.


Sureswipe’s range of card payment machines offer end-to-end encryption and meet PCI-DSS standards in terms of security, enabling you to accept card transactions safely and securely. Your staff will receive fraud-detection training and you can access our call centre for support.

With Sureswipe, you also receive 24/7 support and a dedicated account manager who will assist with any queries. Sureswipe’s call centre opens as early as 7am and in-field technicians can be by your side within 24 or 48 hours if you’re based in larger business hubs.

To ensure all your card payments are accurately processed, Sureswipe has partnered with Traderoot (a leading Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) supplier) to maintain global security standards regardless of whether you choose fixed, portable, mobile card or integrated payment machines.

In a time where data-breaches are increasing, security capabilities have become an important consideration when selecting a card payment machine provider. Sureswipe’s card payment machines provide you with:

  • Robust, encrypted security firewalls that act as your first line of protection.
  • PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards), a worldwide standard that is set up to help businesses process card payments securely and reduce card fraud.
  • Tight controls surrounding the storage, transmission and processing of cardholder data.
  • Regular security testing to ensure your connection to the payment gateway is secure.


  1. Simple, Easy And Convenient – Fixed Payment Machine
    Ideal for use in independent retail outlets and fast-food stores, our fixed machines support gift card and loyalty card transactions.
  2. Built For Maximum Up-Time – Portable Payment Machine
    These machines run dual sim cards to ensure uptime. You can accept card payments at the customer’s convenience (at a table for instance). Portable card payment machines from Sureswipe also support gift card and loyalty card transactions.
  3. Accept Card Payments On The Go – Mobile Payment Machine
    One of the most cost-effective ways to accept card payments in a safe, secure manner. If your business is mobile, you don’t need to worry about handling cash. Simply let customers pay with their card at their convenience.
  4. Lightning fast Transaction Speed – Integrated Payment Machine
    Customers don’t like waiting in queues. But, you don’t have to worry about unhappy lines of shoppers with Sureswipe’s Integrated payment machine. It processes card transactions in 2 seconds.


  • Unrivalled card payment transaction speed: Keep the queues short and customers happy. Sureswipe’s Integrated card payment machine enables you to complete a transaction in just two seconds via our encrypted, high-speed payment network, powered by Traderoot.
  • Online card payment reporting capability: If you use a Sureswipe card payment machine, you also gain access to online reporting tools that help you manage your finances better, with a dashboard view of key statistics that highlight peak sales periods.
  • Machine swap-out is a call away: If your machine needs to be swapped out due to a technical issue, a Sureswipe agent will arrange for you to have a new machine in your hand or on your countertop within 24 to 48 hours.
  • National footprint for peace of mind: Sureswipe already supplies card payment solutions to more than 8000 business in South Africa. We cover the whole country, and have technical field agents in all the major business hubs. If you’re in a remote location, we will dispatch a technician to be with you within 48 hours.
  • Independent businesses are our specialty: Sureswipe is already a preferred card payment machine supplier to brands like Krispy Kreme and Nando’s, but we believe that our focus remains on helping independent businesses grow.
  • Low monthly card payment machine fees: Sureswipe is a leading supplier of payment solutions, offering class-leading technology at competitive prices. We don’t charge you for additional paper rolls, and we also include machine insurance as part of your tailored fee package.
  • Access a full suite of retail solutions: Sureswipe’s card payment machines serve as an entry point to an expanded network of business capability. We can provide you with tailored Gift Card Programmes and Loyalty Programmes to boost customer engagement and accelerate your revenue.


One of the key benefits of partnering with Sureswipe as your preferred card payment machine provider is access to future-focused retail tools that are proven to increase customer engagement and revenue.

  • Our Loyalty Programme enables you to trigger an increase in customers’ wallet spend and grow revenue month-on-month. More and more consumers are turning to loyalty programmes to get the best deals on products and services – and this trend is expected to continue as challenging economic circumstances lead to further reduced disposable incomes.
  • Our Gift Card Programme enables you to attract new customers and keep them. Statistics show that gift cards make up 18% of revenue during the festive season alone. Gift cards also encourage increased spending, as customers usually spend more than the value of their gift card.

Using Sureswipe’s card payment machines, you can process hybrid cards – cards that offer consumers both loyalty and gift card transactional capability.

How secure are my customer’s card transactions with Sureswipe?

Sureswipe has PCI DSS Compliance.

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council has set a high bar in terms of data security to protect cardholder data.  This is referred to as the PCI Data Security Standard. Being PCI DSS compliant is required by the card association and by PASA.

With Sureswipe being compliant to this security standard means that your customer’s card data is protected when swiping in your retail shop on a Sureswipe card machine.


There are three easy steps to take to safe, secure card payment acceptance in your independent business:

  • Sign-up: Complete the sign-up form and we’ll call you back in 1 hour to learn more about your business and your needs.
  • Get Approval: We will provide you with feedback on your contract within 24-hours.
  • Start swiping: Once approved, we’ll install your fixed, portable or integrated payment solution within five working days. Mobile card payment machines will be delivered to you within three to five working days.

Access safe, secure and reliable card payment solutions today.

“As a small business owner in South Africa, our livelihood is dependent on the loyalty of our clients; and on our financial needs. With Sureswipe, we save up to 5% on our daily transactions; we get free online reporting, and transaction security. Sureswipe has helped our small business ensure our financial stability.”
EDITH ZOLA – Nail perfection by Edith, Johannesburg


Do I have to sign a contract to access a Sureswipe fixed card payment machine? Yes. You can opt for a flexible month-to-month package and still enjoy the benefits of a contract, or sign up for a cost-effective two-year contract depending on your needs.

Do I have to sign a contract to access a Sureswipe portable card payment machine? Yes. You can opt for a flexible month-to-month package and still enjoy the benefits of a contract, or sign up for a cost-effective two-year contract depending on your needs.

Do I have to sign a contract to access a Sureswipe mobile card payment machine? Yes. You can sign-up for a month-to-month package or take a 24-month contract. You also have the option to purchase our mobile card payment machine.

Do I have to sign a contract to access an integrated payments machine? Yes. Due to technical integration requirements and setting up and running your integrated payments system, a contract will serve as a cost-effective way to ensure reliable, quick payment processing in your retail business.

Is insurance included in my monthly fee if I sign a contract? Yes. Insurance for machines is included when you sign a contract for an agreed-upon duration.

Can I cancel my contract and switch to another Sureswipe payment solution? Yes. We will assist you in selecting the correct card payment solution to suit your business needs.

Can I access online reporting to view my card transactions? Yes. Your card payment transactions can be viewed and analysed through our online portal.

Will I receive training on how to use the card payment machine? Yes. You and your team will receive comprehensive fraud prevention training and guidance on how to use Sureswipe card payment machines – including how to conduct transactions, how to change paper rolls and more.

What added technical support do I receive when I sign up for a Sureswipe card payment machine? You have access to a 24/7 support through our call centre and a dedicated account manager to help deliver the solutions you need to grow your business. We will dispatch technical support to you with haste should you require assistance with your machine. All you do is log a service call with us.

Access safe, secure and reliable card payment solutions today.

“Sureswipe  are a pleasure to deal with. Their staff is always friendly and polite, and they are willing to go out of their way to help. Their interest in small businesses is really encouraging and makes it easier for us when we can speak directly to people and not an automated voice like a lot of other providers. I am very happy with  Sureswipe!”

Bella Donna Boutique, Johannesburg

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