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Go beyond to make your customers feel comfortable this Easter

Posted by Sureswipe on 23 March 2021

With everybody on the hunt for Easter eggs and getting ready to spend time with family, stores are expected to see a significant rise in foot traffic. This could make your regular customers feel uncomfortable and a little unsettled as rumours of another COVID wave circulates.
Here are a few tips to ensure you continue to abide by protocols so that you can go above and beyond to give your customers peace of mind that their safety is top priority.

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Topics: retail, sales, seasonal business, tips, Growing Your Retail Business, business owners

Winter is coming, and that could be bad for business

Posted by Sureswipe on 6 June 2017


Owning a business is high stakes, which means preparing for every eventuality. A very real concern that isn’t often recognised is the effect that change of season has on business profits. Supermarket & retailer suggest that change in weather has an effect on the supply and demand of up to 85% of goods and services in the retail sector. To get you prepared for the colder weather, we look at 5 things your business needs to watch out for this winter.

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Topics: seasonal business, Growing Your Retail Business, Winter

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