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Sureswipe Launches “Virtual Voucher” to Support Local Independent Retailers Amidst the Pandemic

Posted by Sureswipe on 2 June 2020


Sureswipe, South Africa’s largest independent payment service provider, has launched an innovative lifeline to small businesses, to help them generate much-needed income during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Virtual Vouchers allows all independent retailers to sign up online at to sell online vouchers for their businesses. This is an easy way for their customers to still support them during all levels of lockdown. Customers can visit the same website to support their favourite store by either Purchasing a Virtual Voucher for themselves or a loved one, that can be redeemed when the lockdown has ended, or simply making a Donation.


This kind of support provides local businesses with a chance of surviving by providing them with much-needed cash flow now. The service is available to all South Africa SMEs that would like to sell Virtual Vouchers. The process for merchants to sign up is quick and easy, by simply providing your information, accept the T&C’s and begin selling vouchers almost immediately.


Using our existing card platform we are providing a Virtual Voucher that can be purchased online and redeemed via a Sureswipe card terminal. This provides merchants and consumers with the confidence that the highest levels of security are used in issuing and redeeming the Virtual Voucher and customer information.


Consumers have wanted to support their favourite local businesses during the lockdown, but small local businesses have lacked technical capabilities and resources to put in place safe and secure means to sell vouchers. The Sureswipe Virtual Voucher site will now function as a secure ‘one-stop-shop’ where all independent retailers can sell through Virtual Vouchers, in parallel their customers can buy vouchers at the same online shop. By creating the added functionality for customers to ‘donate’ to their retailers and artisans meant that Sureswipe really understood how their clients were suffering and pulled out all the stops to ensure they were able to continue to make money even during the lockdown. 


“We started Virtual Vouchers to help SMEs survive the massive economic impact from the Covid-19 lockdown,” says Paul Kent, founder of Sureswipe and Adumo CEO. “With Virtual Voucher, local businesses can now continue to trade and earn an income. In a similar vein, the customers of our SMEs have been left frustrated as many of their community artisans and services struggled to make ends meet. Now customers can support their favourite businesses and enjoy their services at a later stage. We decided to make this service available to all independent retailers and not simply Sureswipe clients, as the whole country needs to come together to support SMEs, the backbone of our society. We all need to do as much as we can as industry and as individuals to get the economy back on track as quickly as possible. We’re in this together, and every bit of effort and support will help businesses to remain cash positive during this unprecedented time,” adds Kent.


Help for SME merchants

  1. Visit
  2. Sign up and sell Virtual Vouchers for your store to drive continued revenue during lockdown
  3. Increase sales 
  4. Broaden your brand footprint
  5. Safe and secure

Help for Consumers Wanting to Support Local Business

  1. Visit
  2. Help your favourite local business survive
  3. Buy Virtual Vouchers online conveniently  in one easy place;
  4. or Donate from the select options available 
  5. Secure and legitimate online voucher purchase


If you’re keen to sign up and sell Virtual Vouchers for your business, visit There are no hidden costs or set monthly fees, you will only pay transaction fees.



Get reliable, cost-effective card payment machines and support from Sureswipe today. Call 0860 200 111 or fill in your details here and we’ll call you.

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