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How to put the spring back into your marketing

Posted by Sureswipe on 15 September 2016

The start of spring has many connotations that allow for great marketing strategies that promise to rejuvenate your business. Have you ever considered using the same marketing strategies internally to shake the staff’s winter blues? Here is how you can create a spring ready marketing strategy while working on team building - without the cost of a seminar or motivational speaker.

1. Cleaning house

In the retail environment, each change of season is an opportunity to get rid of any excess inventory. This means sales and/ or specials on the products that need moving out, allowing for the arrival of new products or services your company will sell.

This is also a chance for staff to clean their workspace and rejuvenate the work area. From collectively spring cleaning desk space and shedding the excess your staff surrounds themselves with, to moving around the space and deciding if you want to change sitting placements. Do it as a team and use it as an opportunity to team build. Embrace the season of fresh starts.

2.  Spring is the new black

With every season different colours and shapes become trendier. When transitioning from the cold, drab greys and blacks of winter, playing with colour in your marketing strategy invites consumers in.

The use of bright colours weaved through your marketing touch points entices regular customers to check if your offering has changed, or new customers to buy your product when the marketing matches the mood of the season.

Similarly, within in the working environment, adding accents of colour reinvigorates a familiar space. Imagine, walking into the usual office, and finding a canary yellow cushion, an accent wall painted a light green, bright sticky notes with celebratory messages about the arrival of Spring. These are cost effective opportunities to bring a quick smile on the faces of unsuspecting staff members. Adding warm colours in the workspace invites teams to feel at home, stay longer in the office, and you can guess what that means for the your bottom line…

3. Think good weather and good people

Spring time signifies letting go of coats, gloves and warm fluffy hats. The sun shines longer and people are looking for things to do to exploit the great weather. Creating a campaign that capitalises on this is great idea to get people not only to buy into your product or service, but into your brand’s image too.

Creating an event centered on doing good and being green(er) allows people to meet around a common cause without making the consumer feel like they are endorsing your product. See this is an investment because the next time that consumer needs a service you provide, you will already be top of mind.

However, a company that cares about social responsibility should practice their ethos internally as well. Before hosting your event first work with your team. Spend a few days brainstorming outside in the sun and greenery, have a Wear-Your-Shorts-Friday, excite the staff around the symbolism of the season.

Encourage collaboration in the company between departments and staff. The aim is to shift employees from seeing each other as just co-workers, but a team of individuals that need to work cohesively to produce great results and further the company’s brand image.

Spring only comes once in a year, why not use it to springboard your business?


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