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New school gift giving - we are all about choice

Posted by Sureswipe on 20 December 2016

Ahead of the festive season rush, everyone is shopping for the perfect gift for friends and family. In the past, gift cards have gotten a bad rep for being impersonal but we aren’t convinced that is true.

The average working person is incredibly busy - between a full time job, family, friends and a robust Facebook account there isn’t much time to be going store to store looking for gifts. This is partly why online shopping has gained popularity, it takes the admin out of the shopping experience.

People have generally believed that getting a gift card as a present meant the person was either lazy or did not know them well enough to choose a personal gift. This simply isn’t true. Giving a personal gift does not mean spending hours in the festive season hustle and bustle, it’s about knowing that the way to your wife’s heart is through jewellery, but do you know whether she prefers the princess or emerald cut?

Choosing the right present can become a major challenge because no matter how well you know the person, there’s always the risk of getting an unsuitable gift. The best way to get around this is to simply buy a gift card - it’s safe, easy to use and gives the person receiving it the chance to buy something they genuinely love.

“60% of all consumers under the age of 25 used loyalty programmes in 2016” - Truth, Consumer Loyalty Behaviour in South Africa

As a small business owner, the festive season is the best time to suggest in store gift cards to your customers. That way, they save themselves the grey hairs of choosing the perfect gift while you have the opportunity to attract new customers when the person comes to redeem their gift card.

“Loyalty programme usage continues to grow year-on-year with the largest growth seen in respondents under the age of 25 which show a growth of 13%.” Truth, Consumer Loyalty Behaviour in South Africa

Download the full Truth Consumer Loyalty Behaviour white paper here:

In the technological era, convenience will always be king which is why the gift card is the only way to shop this season.

If your shop doesn’t offer gift cards yet, have a look at our options before the rush:

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