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New integrated payment and POS solution brings 2-second transaction speed to retailers

Posted by Sureswipe on 2 August 2017


The South African financial technology company that brought card-payment systems to smaller businesses as far back as 2008 has just announced a new integrated payment solution that will benefit franchise store owners and larger independent retailers. Sureswipe is SA’s first independent payment service provider to offer a fully integrated payment solution.

Paul Kent, managing director of Sureswipe, says: “Our new Integrated Payments product has been developed for higher volume businesses that use a Point-of-Sale system. It reduces manual hours spent on reconciliations, makes customer payments quicker and safer, and cuts both costs and complexity. We have brought functionality and efficiency to a market where in the past it would have been cost-prohibitive to implement.”

Until now, a retailer or franchise needed a number of partners to run an integrated point-of sale system – specifically a connectivity partner, a card acceptance partner, and a processor. And each of these partners has separate contracts costs.

Says Kent: “What we have done is to offer a one point of contact contract – essentially one service provider that offers it all. Retailers and many franchises have been using a card machine that does not link to the point-of-sale system because costs for such a system have been very high. But not anymore, and for growing businesses with increasing customer volumes, this is their answer.”

The Sureswipe system integrates seamlessly with eight of the most popular point-of-sale systems: Micros, GAAP, Arch Retail, Pilot Software, Vission POS, React POS, Legend POS and InfoDynamics. Says Kent: “A payment and point-of-sale solution that is integrated keeps queues moving and customers happy. It also makes it easier to reconcile transactions and reduce the risk of fraud, particularly in high-volume businesses. This means businesses can circumvent some of the problems that lead to revenue loss, such as fraud or human error, or customers leaving, or not returning to, establishments due to long queues.”

“And because we know what it takes to run more than one business, we offer our customers a 24/7, 365 call centre support line, a dedicated account manager, online reporting and on-site support within one business day,” says Kent.

About Sureswipe

Sureswipe is one of South Africa’s first card payment acceptance companies established in 2008 to make card payment acceptance easy and accessible to independent retailers and service providers. It offers a suite of products that together allow for efficient, affordable and safe payment systems. Over 6,500 independent retailers across South Africa are currently using some 8,000 Sureswipe devices. The Sureswipe Move App connects with Bluetooth for out-of-store trading environments and on the go customer card payments. Sureswipe offers cash advance to help finance businesses that want to grow, as well as personalised gift and loyalty cards. Sureswipe’s new Integrated Payments solution is its most recent innovation developed for higher volume retailers.

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