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Posted by Sureswipe on 4 October 2021

Getting paid

We’re all about adding tangible value to your business and giving you the competitive edge. We are now offering more ways of getting paid, so that your customers can get what they need, when they need it, easily and securely, without all the added admin - helping you to grow your sales and increase your bottom line.

With MoreTyme, your clients get what you need now, and pay for it in 3 interest-free instalments. There’s no monthly fee and no fee when you buy, so you never have to pay more than the original price.

Depending on your store’s checkout system, your clients either scan a payment QR code or show a barcode. And that’s it. As long as they have enough Available to spend, the goods are theirs.

SwitchPay gives your customers alternative ways to pay & more reasons to buy. Empowering your customers with the payment flexibility they need, when they need it most.

The 3 flexible solutions of using SwitchPay include:

Purpose based lending:
Purpose based lending or in store finance is a product that you can offer your customers to finance goods and services with both short term (less than 4 months) and long-term options.

Layby or Purpose Based Savings is a product that you as a merchant can offer your customers to finance goods and services in real-time. A deposit is paid to the merchant and the balance is paid through a PBS account.

Subscription Agreements
This is an agreement between a service provider and a customer. A fixed monthly amount is paid for over the subscription period. Customers subscribe for using the product over an agreed period and do not purchase the goods outright. Customers can apply in-store or online for a Subscription Agreement through SwitchPay.

Masterpass: Pay quickly and securely.
Your customers can now shop with confidence at your store with a secure digital wallet that helps them pay in-store without any worries. When you shop with Masterpass, your clients can feel safe knowing that layers of security protect their real card details and identity. No more losing wallets or fumbling to make a payment.

What makes Materpass so secure is that every payment is authorised using an ATM pin, OTP depending on which bank your customer uses.

Apple Pay
Apple Pay is easy and works with the Apple devices you use every day. You can make secure contactless purchases in shops, in apps and on the web. It’s a safer way to pay, and as simple as using your physical card.

Samsung Pay
Turn your Galaxy into a wallet. Consumers can now carry your credit, cheque, debit and loyalty cards on their Galaxy device and effortlessly make purchases at your store. It’s an all-in- one solution that makes paying a breeze.

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Want to add a little summer loving, to your store but need a financial boost?
We take personal interest in your business growth by providing you with instant financial support. Whether you’re a new or existing Sureswipe client and have been swiping for 6 months or more, you can apply for the advance. Hit this button and we will call you back.

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