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Mash Liquor’s simple tactic to multiply its customer base

Posted by Sureswipe on 25 March 2019

 It only took Musa Mbhambu, manager of Mash Liquor in Orlando East, Soweto one month to multiply his customer base – all thanks to the simple decision to make buying from his bottle store easier for anyone – whether they’re using cash or swiping their cards.

“Ours is the only liquor shop that accepts card payments in the area, and that has been a big drawcard for locals,” explains Musa.

Customer convenience at the core

When Mash Liquor opened its doors in March 2016, customers struggled to purchase their alcoholic beverages of choice without having to go to the local mall to withdraw money first.

“Some customers, especially those who are making big purchases, don’t carry enough cash on them,” explains Musa. “The inconvenience of going to the ATM and then picking up their items forced us to develop a solution that would also make us stand out from the competition.”

The spirit of service excellence

In April 2016, Mash Liquor acquired a card payment machine solution from Sureswipe, after the shop’s owner, Archie Mashele, heard about it at his current workplace.

“From day one we’ve reaped the benefits of being a client of Sureswipe. Their service is 100% good, 100% of the time – from installation, to handling the one technical issue we had,” Musa recalls. “We’re very happy with Sureswipe and so are our customers.”

If you want to make card payments easier for your customers or offer them the option of using gift cards, contact Sureswipe today on 0860 200 111 or click here and we’ll call you back.


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