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Impello: Make it easy for customers to pay with a mobile solution

Posted by Sureswipe on 26 November 2018

Make it easy for customers to pay with a mobile payment solution that keeps operational costs low and easily links to our new free point-of sale app for easy inventory management

Impello, an emerging collaborative co-working-space company, is focused on building an eco-system to support the growth of start-ups and entrepreneurs in South Africa. The company’s CEO and founder, Ondina Pires shares why her business is easier to manage thanks to Sureswipe’s POS-LITE mobile payment solution.

Easy, affordable card payment acceptance

“As our co-working space generates revenue from hosting events, whether it be training workshops or corporate social events, we required a way to easily accept card payments at an affordable rate. The POS-LITE solution allows us to do this,” she says.

 Pires recommends Sureswipe’s POS-LITE payment solution because of its ability to accept payments anywhere. She adds, “Because we are also a start-up, the affordability of the card payment solution has assisted us in keeping operational costs low.”


The POS-LITE app

Sureswipe’s new point-of-sale application for Android and iOS devices is named POS-LITE. Impello is one of numerous businesses involved in pilot testing the solution before it’s officially (imminently) launched through smart device app stores.

 “The experience with the POS-LITE system has been great,” Pires says. “We are now able to directly monitor and manage our stock and sales, which is something that we have been unable to cost-effectively do up until now. As a start-up we need to better manage the sales of the business and to understand our stock levels for ordering purposes. The app allows for this in a very simple and slick way.” 

If you’d like to make it easier for customers to pay, Click here and we’ll call you back .

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