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How Can Your Business Benefit from a Loyalty and Gift Programme

Posted by Sureswipe on 3 June 2019


Sureswipe Gift&Loyalty


Large retail businesses are benefiting from Sureswipe’s Loyalty and Gift Programmes – and you can too. Sureswipe can help your independent retail business grow its customer base by up to 24%.

“82% of small to medium-sized businesses say that offering Gift cards has had a positive impact on their bottom line. The majority report an increase in their sales,” according to Small Business Marketing.

Sureswipe’s Hybrid (2-in-1) Loyalty and Gift Card can enable you to attract new customers and keep them loyal to you with one card.

The customer’s card is loaded with credit, which is used for purchases and to earn loyalty points at the same time – with one swipe.

For more helpful hints, business advice and industry insights, remember to visit the Sureswipe Resources page regularly. Click here and we’ll call you back to discuss new methods to elevate your retail business operations and raise your revenue.



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