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Posted by Sureswipe on 1 December 2021


We’re all about adding tangible value to your business and giving you the competitive edge. We are now offering more ways of getting paid, so that your customers can get what they need, when they need it, easily and securely, without all the added admin - helping you to grow your sales and increase your bottom line.

Get to know your customers
Understanding your customers is key to developing new products and services that will meet their needs and desires. Personalising each experience and inviting customers to give feedback can give you golden insight into their real wants and needs.

Offer Great Customer Service
Your customer service should be exceptional. Go the extra mile whenever possible. Customers will remember you for excellent service and more than likely recommend you to others.

Remain loyal to customers and seek out new opportunities
You should have strategies in place for nurturing existing customers. These could include staying in touch with them via e-newsletters, social media, WhatsApp campaigns or letting them be aware of promotional events and specials.

Adjust to new social media practices
Social media usage is booming across all platforms. However, that doesn’t mean you can just post-traditional content and expect higher levels of engagement than before. As users grow, social media trends and practices evolve. The posts that accrued big engagement in 2021 will probably not make the same kind of splash in 2022.

Give back to your community
It is possible to increase brand awareness in your community and attract new business by considering partnerships or involving yourself in a community event. For example, if you’re in the salon industry, perhaps consider running a competition for underprivileged schools whereby you offer to do their hair and nails for matric dances.

Respond to changing employee priorities
It’s not just consumers and markets who have had their trajectories changed by the past year. Your employees have likely undergone a few changes themselves.
In fact, attempting to quickly re-transition to the way things were before may cause quite a bit of consternation among your team. Businesses too set in their ways when it comes to cubicles and the 40-hour, 5-day workweek risk creating business strategies already out of date.

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