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Golam Motors keeps its customers’ wheels turning

Posted by Sureswipe on 2 May 2019
When Siften Golam took over a 30-year-old auto workshop in 2016, he rebranded the Kensington, Johannesburg business as Golam Motors, offering car services and selling vehicle-related products such as tyres and batteries.

The power of convenience

For its first few weeks of business, Golam Motors was operating on a cash-only basis. The problem was that the majority of the business’s customers preferred to pay with their cards. Without a card payment solution, doing business with the workshop was inconvenient, unless customers withdrew cash beforehand.

“The increased demand for card payment acceptance led us to investigate a provider – and that’s when we came across Sureswipe,” says Siften. “Within a few days we were set up with a card machine and I understood why Sureswipe was recommended to me by so many people during my search.”


Excellent service equals multiple sales

Siften is highly complimentary of his experience with Sureswipe over the past two years, emphasising that his business hasn’t encountered any issues with their card payment machines. He has even referred other business owners to Sureswipe so that they may benefit from the same service he has enjoyed.

“Sureswipe is better than dealing with banks, because their service is quick and personal,” Siften says. “I endorsed Sureswipe to one of my relatives and they’re really happy with the recommendation, as their sales have picked up because they’re no longer a strictly cash-accepting business.”


If you want to make card payments easier for your customers or offer them the option of using gift cards, contact Sureswipe today on 0860 200 111 or click here and we’ll call you back.


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