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Gain access to working capital to grow your store

Posted by Sureswipe on 20 November 2018

We know how tough it can be for business owners to access cash in today’s challenging economy. Sometimes, even while you know your store is making money, cash flow just isn’t on your side when you really need it.

Thanks to Cash Advance from Sureswipe, numerous business owners are realising that they can still buy the stock they want to buy at a good discount price, or make key business expansion moves, despite their cash flow challenges.

Cash Advance is an easy-access business loan that you can use to expand your business, like ACDC Strijdom Park was able to do.


Cash for business expansion

Tony Maio, main member of ACDC Strijdom Park in Gauteng, says Cash Advance from Sureswipe has helped them grow the business in a challenging economic climate.

“We run a highly specialised retail outlet, carrying expensive electrical products for commercial and home application. We needed quick and easy access to capital because we wanted to expand while the opportunity seemed right for us,” he says.

How Cash Advance helps businesses

Maio notes how access to the working capital ACDC Strijdom Park needed was quick-and-easy to unlock thanks to Sureswipe. And, because there’s no stipulations as to how a Cash Advance should be spent, you can use it to re-style, replenish or renovate.

“We were able to expand the business as we wanted to, by using the Cash Advance to our advantage. I found the business loan application process to be hassle-free and Sureswipe’s service was just excellent,” he adds.

If you would like to buy stock, fund a store upgrade, or invest in technology, you can easily access Cash Advance from Sureswipe for your business today. Click here and we’ll call you back .

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