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Posted by Sureswipe on 2 November 2021

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We’re all scratching our heads and wondering how we got to “that time of year again.” With Black Friday around the corner and festive season shopping on our doorstep, you can be sure that your consumers are not only ready to shop. But ready to spend.

That’s why we’re constantly innovating to empower your shoppers with MORE payment options. This means that your consumers can get what they need easily, securely and without effort - helping you to grow your sales and increase your bottom line. Our payment offerings now include SwitchPay, Masterpass, MoreTyme as well as Samsung and Apple Pay.

What’s more. We are officially offering our clientele the option to purchase their machines. The “Rolls Royce” of card machines, you can now have the option to buy one of the best quality machines on the market should you prefer not to rent.

Did you know that you can swipe for less with one of the best card machines on the market? Fast, progressive and reliable, we’re making sure you never miss another sale again. Take a look at all the benefits that come with being part of the Sureswipe family.

Dual Sim and WIFI Connectivity
When your network goes down for your main SIM card, you have the ability to
switch to your second SIM card (different network provider) or wifi connection to
continue trading. This is to ensure you are always connected.

QR Payment Enabled
Your consumers can pay by scanning the QR code on the card machine using their smartphone. Meaning you can accept payments beyond cards by allowing shoppers to use their mobile phones.

Longer Battery Life
A fully charged SP630 will give you between 5-8 hours during busy trading times. And will last even longer on quieter days. You won’t have to panic about your card machine switching off during your busiest times or when you are on the road.

Fast Transactions
You can delight your customers by processing their transactions in 0-3 seconds thanks to being able to pay by scanning the QR code on the card machine. This means customers won’t wait long in the queue to pay for goods and services.


With Black Friday sales and festive shopping around the corner, remember there is no better time to take your business online to generate cash flow, build flexibility and build a more resilient business. Having an e-commerce store also allows you to sell virtual gift cards to increase sales. Here’s to doing better business.

Call 0860 200 111 or fill in your details here and we’ll call you back.

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