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Beauty therapy - why women get their nails done.

Posted by Sureswipe on 9 August 2016

When one thinks of a nail salon it appears so frivolous, like a little place of vanity where women (and now men) can go and be pampered. When you walk into Nail Studio there is an immediate sense that this is more than a vanity. Perhaps it is the wine and coffee you are offered at entry, or watching a blonde woman laughing at whatever her nail technician had just said, but whatever it is, it is anything but frivolous.

“I believe in women, in empowering women. They come here to get their nails done and to talk about their problems and have someone really listen. For most women who come into our store, it is more about the conversation than it is about just nails,” says Arlete De Andrade, owner of Nail Studio.

That is perhaps the charm of Nail Studio, at once the expertise to do great beauty work and an environment that gives women a place to go without having to pay the cost of an actual therapist. So what is Nail Studio and why does it make you want to leave your secrets next to the nail polish remover?

Nail Studio offers a full range of beauty services including waxing, makeup, manicures and pedicures. A little gem situated in an Brackenhurst shopping center, the salon is not what you would expect. A family business run by Jessica and her grandmother Arlete who she fondly calls Vovo, the store has all the charisma of a small family business, with all the expertise of more established beauty operations. Testament to this is a healthy following of patrons driving from other places outside of Brackenhurst to come there.

Londiwe, a nail technician at Nail Studio wakes up every morning just after 3am to make sure she is at work at 8am. A domestic worker turned masseuse who then fell into doing nails, Londiwe says she loves her job.

“I don’t mind waking up early or coming to work because I love my job. I love talking to my clients about their lives and what is going on. I think its amazing to be able to sit and talk to different people every day,” says Londiwe.

There isn’t that much of a pricing or quality margin when it comes to most reputable beauty salon’s but the differentiator will always be service. Therein lies the true charm of Nail Studio - impeccable, personal, first name service that comes with a great product and a complimentary glass of wine.

So yes, we will definitely be going back.

For more on Nail Studio see the link: 

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