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A new flavour in a traditional space

Posted by Sureswipe on 13 January 2020



The owners of Sticky Waffles, Naren Moodley and his business partner, are innovators, disruptors and entrepreneurs who enjoy working with other businesses and brands that support small business and pioneering ideas in South Africa.

They acquired the Sticky Waffles brand with one clear goal in mind: they wanted to reinvent the waffle. “Traditionally, waffles are heavy, dense, stodgy and sugar-rich,” says Naren. “We offer low-sugar, gluten-free, preservative-free and vegan alternatives. We aren’t a dessert option – we’re a breakfast, lunch and dinner option, with a menu filled with both sweet and savoury choices.”


Staying ahead of the curve


As a disruptor brand, the most important ingredient in Sticky Waffles’ success is the brand’s focus on giving customers access to diet-specific choices at an affordable price point. “Gluten-free, preservative-free and vegan options shouldn’t be reserved for the elite,” explains Naren. “We want to make healthy eating available to all South Africans. We’ve worked hard to find solutions and ingredients that tick the health box while still being a quality – and tasty – product.”

Because the demand for these types of products is fast becoming the norm in more developed countries, Naren and his business partner have spent a lot of time and energy researching what is already available and what will suit the local market.

“We’re taking a traditionally unhealthy menu, modernizing it and making it healthy. People are becoming more health conscious, and we will be forerunners as this movement gains momentum. But we can also draw on the expertise of brands in other markets that have had years of experience in this space.”

This is Naren’s top tip to other independent business owners: Watch a similar market – evaluate what has and hasn’t worked, and see what ideas you can apply in your own business.


Delivering customer value


Naren and his business partner have designed the menu themselves based on their own preferences, research, what they have experienced through their travels as well as customer feedback.

“A repeat customer is our biggest success,” he says. “Our regular customers engage with us about our menu. They make requests and give us feedback. We’ve added a vegan ice-cream to our menu because our customers kept asking for it, and as soon as we found a solution that was high-quality, delicious and cost-effective, we added it.”


Working with partners who understand your business


It’s this mindset that attracted Naren to Sureswipe. “We started with a traditional bank, simply because that was all that we knew at the time. One of the best things about switching to Sureswipe has been the fact that the Sureswipe team understands what we’re trying to do, is a supporter of our brand and product, and wants to be a partner as we build this business.

“They are also disruptors of a traditional market, so the synergy between us is great. On top of that, the financial and commercial savings have been excellent. Fees are lower with better service. In addition, we now also their Sureswipe Loyalty programme linked to our payment device, which is a huge win for a small outlet like ours. We can collect customer data while offering a modern and effective loyalty programme.”


If you want to make card payments easier for your customers or offer them the option of using gift cards, contact Sureswipe today on 0860 200 111 or click here and we’ll call you back.

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