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Go beyond to make your customers feel comfortable this Easter

Posted by Sureswipe on 23 March 2021

Man and woman coffee shop owners with face mask open after lockdown quarantine

With everybody on the hunt for Easter eggs and getting ready to spend time with family, stores are expected to see a significant rise in foot traffic. This could make your regular customers feel uncomfortable and a little unsettled as rumours of another COVID wave circulates.
Here are a few tips to ensure you continue to abide by protocols so that you can go above and beyond to give your customers peace of mind that their safety is top priority.


  1. Provide safe digital payment options

    Simplified digital payments will help you keep sales going and reduce unnecessary social interaction. Machines should be sprayed and disinfected after each use in front of customers to emphasise safety first.

  2. Communication is key

    Use your social media, decal stickers, and window displays instore to communicate the measures you are taking and what safety procedures are in place. Have communication that reiterates ‘No mask. No entry.’
  3. Take care of your staff

    Staff members should not work if they are unwell. Facilitating temperature checks and training your staff on disease prevention awareness will be hugely beneficial. It is also appreciated by both employees and shoppers.
  4. Ensure a safe environment

    Placing protective screens in your manned checkouts is an option to remove the risk of staff being in contact with customers shopping in your store. Intensifying disinfection routines will also help anyone spending time in your stores to stay safe and healthy.

  5. Social Distancing is still important

    Help customers and staff practice social distancing by providing signage about appropriate distance between shoppers (1,5 metres). This can be done by providing markings on the shop floor and is especially important in checkout queues.

  6. Offer hand sanitizer wipes or dispensers

    Set up stations with disinfectant, at the entrance and exit and throughout your store. To avoid the risk of contamination, select contactless dispensers. Some retailers also offer customers single-use gloves to give them greater peace of mind while shopping.

  7. Keep track of traffic

    Activate measures to ensure that there are not too many people in the store at the same time. By placing a simple item such as a marble in a bowl for every time a customer enters – and removing it when another exits may help you determine how many people are instore at concurrent times.

Are you online?

We  Many independent retailers are shifting their business online to help weather the storm, generate cash flow, build flexibility and build a more resilient business. Having an e-commerce store also allows you to sell virtual gift cards to further sales.

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