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7 Reasons why your business should be online

Posted by Sureswipe on 3 May 2021

Online Shopping

If your business doesn’t yet have an online presence, or if you’re in the process of starting your own new exciting business venture and building a website isn’t on your to do list, you could be missing out on the many benefits (and profits) of why being online offers businesses a chance to grow. Here’s why..

7 Reasons why your business should be online

  1. Gain credibility

    Having a website gives your business instant credibility as customers are more likely to trust your business when they land on your professional website or social media pages. Being online also opens your business to a world of opportunities to further build on this trust, such as through online reviews and testimonials.

  2. Reach your customers

    Your business needs to be where your customers are – and that’s online for at least some of their customer journey. Not only will it be easier for your customers to find you, you’ll be able to reach them and communicate more effectively. Engaging with your customers builds trust and often this trust leads to more sales as they become loyal customers.
  3. Beat the competition

    It’s highly likely that at least some, if not all, of your competitors have an online presence. Potential customers searching for your products or services could very well end up on your competitor’s website. Ensure you’re thinking about a Google strategy as well, so when customers search for specific products that you sell, your website comes out on top.
  4. Be open 24/7

    Whether you like to check what time the shops open early in the morning or prefer to search for the perfect gift in the evening, the internet allows us to shop outside normal operating hours. Having a website allows customers to visit your business 24/7.

  5. Buy Search terms

    Help customers and staff practice social distancing by providing signage about appropriate distance between shoppers (1,5 metres). This can be done by providing markings on the shop floor and is especially important in checkout queues.

  6. Get more for your marketing buck

    Having a website or a social media business page is your foot in the door to the world of digital marketing. From email marketing to utilising social media, having an online presence allows you to explore digital avenues that could help you spread brand awareness, reach customers and increase sales more cost effectively than traditional marketing methods.

  7. Loyalty programmes and vouchers

    Having an E-commerce store allows your customers to purchase vouchers for friends or family or even redeem rewards. Translating into more loyal, returning customers and increased sales.

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