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6 creative social media strategies to get you noticed.

Posted by Sureswipe on 30 December 2021


Millions of people are connected via the web and rely heavily on social media channels for news and general entertainment. Social media isn’t just for play, businesses and brands worldwide use social channels in order to advertise and sell their products, it forms a large part of their annual marketing plan and business strategy.

Are you ready to become the next Insta-star? Read on below.

Be Relatable and Tell Your Story

Social media allows you to be your own personality this is where you can get creative and personable – be the brand that your audience can easily relate to. For instance, in a most recent post, Adidas posted a picture of a pair of sneakers, with a caption that stated, “Create the future, together. Join us and run to become part of the movement. Click the link in our bio to find out more.” By being creative and inviting the community into their captions, they are able to engage consumers on another level.


Experiment with Longer Posts

We might have heard that social media posts should be kept to a minimum but depending on the social media platforms you are using, you can experiment with your post lengths to drive engagement.

This links to being able to tell your story, the more information you share with your audience, the more they can easily relate to you. Both LinkedIn and Google Plus are ideal for experimenting with long-form messages to your audience and aid in strengthening your SEO.

Leave with an Open-Ended Question

Asking questions or polling your audience can be an effective way to increase participation. Leave your audience with a question relatable to the product post like, “It’s almost the holidays, what is on your shopping wish list this year? Get some inspiration and shop for the best gifts yet: {insert link}.” This way you are asking a specific question and receiving a desired response.

Always Stay Positive!

While all brands can be different, be the brand that spreads positivity! The internet can be a very dark place and you may not receive the best responses to everything, but that shouldn’t bring you or your businessdown. A recent study found that brands who posted happier tweets actually gained more followers than those who posted with a negative tone.

Focus on Inbound Traffic

Social media is a great way to drive traffic to your website. Using the above mentioned tactics, always look to provide value to your followers by including relevant posts that link to other profiles or articles that may be of interest to them. When posting, call-to-actions are recommended at the end of your message to encourage people to visit your website or to complete an online form

Create Shareable Content

It’s easier said than done – but for a second, be in your audience’s shoes. What would you enjoy or want to see? Figure out what most people can relate to (obviously being relevant to your brand) and think of something that is funny but witty. 

Try to be bold and creative to spark an “aha!” or a “haha!” while still sending out your marketing message. Who knows your one tweet or post might be the next trending story!

Happy clients. The “SOLE” of our brand.

We’re so proud to share the Shoe Valley experience and to thank them for being our supporter.
“As a small footwear business, we are delighted to be a part of the Sureswipe family. Not only do we find the personal service refreshing compared to that of banks, but we know that we are in good hands when it comes to a quality, reliable and solid device. Thank you Sureswipe for being a part of our business journey as our flexible payments partner that’s passionate about our growth. “

- Shoe Valley


MoreTyme and SwitchPay - can we add a small section on these two please.

Did you know that we offer MoreTyme and SwitchPay?

MoreTyme is a Buy-Now-Pay-Later, interest free alternative payment solution that you can offer your customers. With MoreTyme you get access to over 4 million Tyme Bank customers, and research has proven that offering alternative payment methods will boost sales.  It’s free to all Sureswipe clients and is a flexible and convenient way for your customers to pay you. As a merchant you get paid upfront so there is zero risk to you.

SwitchPay is an in-store and online purpose based lending solution. You can now offer your customers in-store and online financing for goods and services. It’s free to activate SwitchPay on your Sureswipe device, chat to our team today. Offering alternative payment options will boost sales, retain and grow your customer base and give you the competitive edge.

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