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5 Ways to Boost Your Restaurant’s Sales Revenue

Posted by Sureswipe on 21 February 2020


With these simple tactics, you can attract more customers, build loyalty with your guests and boost sales revenues. 

All restaurants have peak periods – weekends, holidays and other special occasions give you the bump you need to carry you through quieter, less busy times.

But what if you could implement a few simple tactics to increase revenue all year round?

Here are five ideas you can implement immediately to give your restaurant business a boost.


  1. Sell more food and beverages


    Okay, this one sounds obvious, but there are a few ways that you can drive sales that you might not be currently doing.

    • Have a weekly specials menu. Each week, choose a few dishes to promote as “specials” – add a free beverage or implement a ‘kids eat free’ policy during the week. You can also have a unique dish that is for that week only. 
    • Let your customers know about your specials and when you’re open. Load shedding might be causing a lot of challenges, but if you have a generator, this is a great way to attract customers in your area during load shedding times – let them know via SMS or email that you’re open and that the food is warm and delicious. 
    • Create a loyalty programme. Electronic loyalty programmes offer rewards to frequent customers – and people love to enjoy freebies that they feel they’ve earned. It’s also a great way to gather data on your customers so that you can tweak your offerings.


  2. Attract more customers

    Attracting more customers is important at any time of the year. Here are a few tips to bringing in the masses.

    • Start a Facebook and Instagram account. Instagram is a great way to showcase your food and ambience. Join local community groups through Facebook and encourage customers to like your pages by offering them discounts and specials.
    • Get involved in your local community. The more people know about you, the more likely they are to come and check you out. Supporting local causes is a great way to make your name known. Join local community groups on Facebook and keep track of where you can get involved.
    • Add special evenings. Quiz nights, karaoke, or sports-related events are all great ways to pull in the crowds.


  3. Keep your business open for extended meal periods

    There’s no such thing as a ‘normal’ workday anymore. You’ll stand out from the crowd if you’re offering something that everyone else isn’t.

    • Serve dinner when other kitchens have closed. You could offer a smaller menu, but being able to deliver a meal when no-one else is will earn you customer loyalty.
    • Add a delivery service. Even if it’s in a small radius, you’ll help customers who weren’t ready to order early. Mobile payment solutions mean that customers can pay you from any where, at any time as well.


  4. Encourage private parties or special events

    People love to celebrate, but finding a venue that supports private functions can be tricky.

    • Create a section for private functions. When people celebrate special events, they want privacy and to feel as though they’re having a unique experience. Section a portion of your restaurant off for special events (or build a partition that can be closed when needed), and create menus that are only available for functions. A cash advance solution can help you pay for any modifications to your store, and will only be paid back based on a percentage of customer sales.

  5. Increase the ‘bill average’ of each guest

    You don’t need to be pushy to get people to spend more money while they are having a great time.

    • Train your staff. The more your waitrons know about your menu, the better their advice to customers. They can also suggest add-ons, special drinks and desserts.
    • Bundle meals. Offer special discounted bottles of wine or craft beers with specific meals. Customers like recommendations, so let them know why you’ve paired specific drinks with meals and why they’ll love the experience. 



    Get started:

    There are many ways to stand out from your competitors, and some will be more suited to your business and brand than others. The key is to get started. Get a little bit creative, test out new ideas, become a member of your local community and communicate with your customers early and often.

    Increase your focus on your customers and the small touches that will improve their experience at your restaurant, and you’ll watch patrons turn into loyal fans that love your brand – and sales revenue growth will follow.



Talk to Sureswipe about a cost-effective Loyalty programme. We can assist in customer retention through a platform that helps you communicate directly with customers through email and SMS. Call 0860 200 111 or fill in your details here and we’ll call you.

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