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5 things your business needs to know about Black Friday

Posted by Sureswipe on 23 November 2016

Black Friday originated in the US and is relatively new to the South African market, but with retailers recording a spike in sales of more than 200%, Christmas is set to come early. Other then the customary Black Friday sales and specials, how can you make sure to get an even bigger piece of the Black Friday pie?

1. It’s all about prep



Preparation is crucial to Black Friday rush! Make sure that you are fully stocked for this - bring in extra staff ahead of time to get them trained and ready for the madness.

If your customers prefer to pay with cash, then ensure that you have enough of a cash float to cope. If you’re customer base is more reliant on card payments, then consider renting out an additional machine to speed up the queues.







2. Start early



Begin your Black Friday specials ahead of Friday. The earlier and more frequently your business communicates deals, the easier it will be for consumers to find your specials in the clutter.

Consumers that are serious about Black Friday already begin checking upcoming specials before the actual day to ensure that they are thoroughly prepared.

It's important to make sure that when they look for that information, you pop up.


3. Get social


Because of the power of social media, consumers are constantly tuned in to their mobile devices. As we speak they are being bombarded with messages across their social channels. Use social to your benefit and make sure that you stand out. Use of multi-media is a great way to get their attention.

Tweet and post your Black Friday specials online in a fun and engaging way. Make use of a promotion for the consumer that shares your posts or tweets the most, or offer them an additional in-store special on Black Friday, if they can show you that they’ve shared, commented or liked your post or tweet. In short, give to get back!



4. This is Sparta


While most customers expect some chaos in stores during Black Friday, it's important that you have a strategy in place to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Be vigilant with your strategy, chaos is expected but not at the cost of service. Make sure that your processes run smoothly and that you’re meeting customer’s expectations. The customer experience is even more important than other days because you are competing with both online and offline stores.

What if instead of pandemonium and messy shelves, you created a different environment for customers instead? For example why not offer your customers a show room of the items and then have the chosen items paid for and delivered by the next week. This will free up time queueing and show the personalised service that you can offer.



5. Don’t forget about Cyber Monday


 Some customers will be splitting their time and money between Black Friday and Cyber Monday on 28 November (where the online community brings the best deals of the year). This means ensuring that you optimise on Black Friday, but if your store has an online aspect, make sure Cyber Monday does not fall off your radar and start promoting today.

You can still maximise on Cyber Monday by making use of your online channels to promote your store and specials, offer online customers the same specials and find a way to get the product delivered to their door.

And if you are looking to do a little shopping yourself? Some top retailers taking part in Black Friday


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