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5 Creative ways for your business to make good use of short-term finance

Posted by Sureswipe on 14 February 2019



Short-term debt may be just the solution you need for long-term success – especially a solution that gives you an advance on your business’s earnings today. Boost your bottom line with Sureswipe’s Cash Advance today.

As a small business owner, you may find that you need to acquire supplementary funds when additional expenses arise or if you’re planning on expanding your shop. Depending on what you need the loan for, you’ll need to choose your source of finance carefully.

One of the best ways to finance short-term or temporary events that affect your business’s success is a short-term loan. This lending option is the ideal solution for a business like yours, that experiences regular revenue instability or needs a small, instant cash boost repayable in a short space of time from projected revenue.


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The biggest benefit of short-term finance is the speed at which the funds are made available to you. Once your loan is approved, you’re able to pay that outstanding bill or buy the new stock you require urgently.


The benefits of short-term finance for your business

Whether cash isn’t flowing as rapidly as it was over the festive season, or you need to make a minor upgrade in your shop to boost in your bottom line, short-term finance is an option at any business life stage. Here are 5 creative ways you can use short-term finance for your business goals this year:

  1. Reduce the effects of a temporary seasonal sales slump

    The nature of business is to have busier and quieter times during the year, especially if you’re operating near lifestyle businesses where foot traffic is affected by the weather. The slower months – whether it’s due to your location or the gaps between major holidays – can affect your profit margins and decrease the amount of working capital available to you.

    A short-term loan won’t just assist in getting you through the dry spells, you’ll also be growing your business well into the busy periods.  

  2. Bolster funds for store expansion

    As your business grows, so do your needs, and while expansion may require a larger amount than a short-term loan provides, a cash advance can go a long way, especially in addition to any capital you’ve been saving up. Short-term finance can help pay for costs associated with expansion you may not have planned on, or provide a buffer from a possible drop in sales during your store improvements.

  3. Facilitate recovery after an emergency

    Unexpected emergencies happen in life, but when these occur in your business, your livelihood could be in jeopardy. Losing an important staff member, a natural disaster or the theft/damage of crucial equipment doesn’t have to halt business operations. A cash advance comes in handy when you need to supplement your emergency fund or pay excess for an insurance claim should your budget amount not be enough. Your store will recover faster, and it’ll be business as usual in no time.


  4. Fund once-off ventures

    Some opportunities are too big to pass up. But you may not always have the money to seize them when they arise. Your supplier may not be able to extend you additional credit on that new product they have at a ‘limited time only’ discount, but with a cash advance you don’t need to ask. Provided the product is something you know will sell well, a short-term loan can give you bridging finance that you’ll be able to pay back from the sales. 

  5. Build up your business’ credit history

    Diligent repayment of your loan will hold you in good stead when you need bigger or longer-term finance in the future. Not only will banks be more willing to lend to you, but a positive credit history can contribute to a favourable credit score and build good relations with the alternative financing company you borrow from.


    Get a merchant cash advance

    Now that you’ve discovered some of the ways in which you can creatively use short-term finance to reach your business goals, you’re probably keen to find out the process to acquire a cash advance for your shop.

    A cash advance is paid to you as a lump sum and a pre-determined period, based on a ratio of your future card sales, is set for repayment of the amount.

    Sureswipe takes a personal interest in your business growth by providing you with instant financial support through our Cash Advance solution. As a new Sureswipe client, you need to have been swiping for six months or more before you can apply for Cash Advance.


    Benefits of Sureswipe Cash Advance

    • Access finance in less than 10 days
    • No unreasonable financial security or guarantees required
    • No fixed payback period
    • Qualify for cash upfront based on your six-month card turnover.
    • Payback is linked to your card machine turnover – so, the more your customers swipe, the quicker your advance will be repaid.

    Careful financial planning does not always protect you from unforeseen situations your business could face, and this is why short-term finance is a good tool to have available for your business’s success.


    Talk to Sureswipe about our Cash Advance finance solution. We can assist shift your business into a higher gear. You can easily apply for a Cash Advance today. Call 0860 200 111 or fill in your details here and we’ll call you.


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